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Message Number: 336 - Private Message

Message Number: 335 - Wednesday, May 22, 2019 13:36:17 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Victor Colonnetta
Did you Serve on Arlington:  Yes
Dates Served:  April. .? -1969 - Jan 1970
Rate/Rank:  Seamen
Division:  Deck Division. 2 I think

I was aboard in 1969 for Apollo 11 . I got to meet Presdent Nixon shake his hand and carry his luggage to the helicopter . Was also a witness of the splash down

Message Number: 334 - Monday, April 1, 2019 19:49:50 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Tom Cannon
Did you Serve on Arlington:  Yes
Dates Served:  Jan 69 to Jan 70
Rate/Rank:  LTJG
Division:  Electronics

Will remember Apollo 10 and 11 recovery. Also for the strange Bridge configuration one deck above Pilot House.

Message Number: 333 - Private Message

Message Number: 332 - Friday, June 22, 2018 21:51:12 EST
Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Ronnie L Watson
Did you Serve on Arlington:  Yes
Dates Served:  1966-1968
Rate/Rank:  HM-2
Division:  H (sickbay)

21 Jun 2018 - Just discovered the Arlington FB group site. Will post a few photos which I've found...not too many because I mostly shot slides and they've all deteriorated. Doesn't look as though anyone has used the site in a while. Was hoping maybe, some of the corspmen or the Doc from Alabama will check in. I've not talked to any of the crew (except the assoc) since 1968. Even though I don't recognize any names it would be nice to swap stories with some. Thanks for putting up the FB site. Here's hoping... Ron Watson (LtCol USA Ret) Ps: Below says "posting from Canada"...not Wimberley TX (ship's roster says "Waverly" or something like that.)

Message Number: 331 - Friday, May 18, 2018 09:47:44 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Dave Vander Hooning
Did you Serve on Arlington:  yes
Dates Served:  1967 1968
Rate/Rank:  CS3
Division:  S-2

Was great to view all the names of those who served on the Arlington. Its been a ling time and some things I have forgotten, but looking at some of the old pictures, it brought back a lot of memories.

Message Number: 330 - Tuesday, March 27, 2018 15:36:34 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Bob Baker
Did you Serve on Arlington:  yes
Dates Served:  65-67 plank owner
Rate/Rank:  RM3
Division:  CR

Haven't seen much activity here for a while. Have a great Easter. See you in church.

Message Number: 329 - Thursday, November 23, 2017 23:31:33 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  R Frank Servine
Did you Serve on Arlington:  Yes
Dates Served:  1969
Rate/Rank:  BT3
Division:  B

I was aboard during the Apollo 10 and 11 enjoye3d my time on board the Arlington and would like to hear from other shipmates who were in B division.

Message Number: 328 - Private Message

Message Number: 327 - Monday, September 25, 2017 06:20:14 EST
Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Roger Faultersack DC3
Did you Serve on Arlington:  No USS Annapolis AGMR1
Dates Served:  May 1968 to 1969
Rate/Rank:  DC3
Division:  Engineering

Hello Fellow Navy men. I was never aboard the Arlington, never seen your ship, we all ways passed in the night I guess, (two ships that pass in the night) thing. We on the Anna Boat will be holding our 50th reunion this coming November 2nd to the 5th. In Jacksonville Fl. I wish all of you the very best in years to come, and think you all for serving.