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Message Number: 100 - Mon, Jul 5, 2021 12:44:51
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Name:  Carol Baxter
Connection to the Family?:  descendent of Francis X. Oteney
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date discrepencies:
Birth year of Lydia A. Oteney, daughter of Francis X. Oteney and unknown spouse is listed as 1833 in Ohio. Francis' arrival date in the US is listed as 1840 in New York. His next child is listed as David Oteney born in 1843 in Ohio. These dates would mean that Lydia was born 7 years before Francis emigrated so she could not have been born in Ohio. Also, it would mean that she was born 10 years before David which is a long stretch. Do you have any clarification on these dates?

Message Number: 99 - Wed, Apr 21, 2021 19:00:52
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Name:  Thomas William Baker
Connection to the Family?:  Grandson of Francis Neil Thimmes
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Hi, I really enjoyed the Thimmes Family information. The family has a rich history in Lancaster, Ohio, but I never new the part of Germany the Thimmes Family came from. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Message Number: 98 - Sat, Mar 13, 2021 17:10:01
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Name:  Pamela Seymour
Connection to the Family?:  Felix Seymour is my 7th gr grandfather, family located in Jackson and Vinson county Ohio
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Felix Seymour is my 7th great grandfather. Felix-Thomas-Solomon-William Jackson-John-Martha Jane-Jasper(Pletcher, but took his mother’s last name Seymour as an adult)-James Richard-Calvin Richard-and myself Pamela Seymour I just want to say I love searching our great family. Very proud to have been born into the Seymour family. Any photos you may have I would love to see. If there is anything I can send you please let me know

Message Number: 97 - Monday, March 8, 2021 12:09:47 PDT
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Name:  amy court
Connection to the Family?:  Carolina Otteni DOB 28 OCT 1827 is my 3rd great grandmother

This connection to her father Anton is based solely on DNA I have not been able to connect them through a paper trail. I was very lucky in just finding her maiden name.Thank You for the webpage very helpful

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Message Number: 95 - Sunday, July 12, 2020 10:10:19 PDT
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Name:  Edmund Ernest Sutter
Connection to the Family?:  Josef Suter -, 6 Feb 1749, Switzerland
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You have a section on your site that follows the Sutter Family tree.

It is called:

Descendants of Josef Suter

By chance I happened upon it while searching my geneology. It appears we both have a connection to:

Josef Suter was born on 6 Feb 1749 in Werenlingen, Aarque, Switzerland and died on 15 Jun 1805 at age 56.

That is as far as I have been able to trace my lineage back.

It appears our common lineage split after:

Charles Sutter was born on 27 Apr 1844 in OH and died on 13 Aug 1917 at age 73.

My tree follows Charles lineage after this point. Yours seems to follow one of his siblings. Finding this was very exciting for my.

I would love to see what other details you may have for the Sutter/Suter family.

Particularly, do you have any results for earlier than Josef Suter, 6 Feb 1749?

Thank you.

Edmund Ernest Sutter
Lake Forest, CA.

Message Number: 94 - Sunday, April 12, 2020 23:10:55 PDT
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Name:  Emmett Coon
Connection to the Family?:  Son of Hollis Coon reference #4514
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I have roughly six pages of additional information, however, it does contain information of Hollis' living descendants. Please let me know if you want this. I've tried to use your format for the data. Thanks Emmett

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Message Number: 92 - Monday, March 2, 2020 07:36:31 PDT
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Name:  Kim Martin
Connection to the Family?:  Coleman
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I am a descendant of Joshua Willard Dewey, #47 on your Michael Coleman Family Descendant Book (1740-present).

Joshua Willard Dewey had a sixth child, Flesher (Fletcher) Pope Dewey, b. 1867 in Indiana. I am descended from this line.

Message Number: 91 - Friday, January 31, 2020 19:14:01 PDT
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Name:  Marsha Ellen Mason
Connection to the Family?:  Grandfather William Shrader Coleman, Grandmother Lula Betty James
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I stumbled across this very interesting family tree. My grandfather was William Shrader Coleman. My grandmother was Lula Betty James. I see the tree ends at that. My mother was one of three children born of that marriage, and my understanding is a child was born from another woman, in which Lula raised as her own. My mother is still living and may have some interesting additions to your tree. Thank you for the history!