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Message Number: 8 - Thursday, February 28, 2013 01:20:19 BST
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Lisbet

Lovely website! I especially like the "about huskies" page. Very thoughtful. I think I should incorporate something similar into my blog :)

~Lisbet Norris

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Message Number: 6 - Friday, May 27, 2011 10:28:39 BST
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Kerri Trimble

Love your site, your family of dogs are just gorgeous. Our sib husky Star is just over 6 months old and we love her to bits. have your site saved as a favourite :0)

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Message Number: 3 - Wednesday, September 8, 2010 14:57:33 BST
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Sharon O'Grady

My name is Sharon I,m a friend of Sherry I helped show Canook at somme fun matches and the specialty Canook is a beautiful boy I will miss him but I,m sure he will be loved
and enjoyed were much. All the best to both of you and Canook.
Sharon O'Grady
Shamar Akitas

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Message Number: 1 - Wednesday, June 9, 2010 03:33:38 BST
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Mike

Love the site and your dogs.