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Message Number: 262 - Saturday, January 9, 2021 08:29:22 PST
Name:  Kerry Crist

I am Elijah Pugh's grandaughter. I am wondering if you know where Calvin Pugh is buried. Thank you for putting this site online. It is so interesting to learn about various connections. My grandfather told me stories about living with his grandfather for years after his mother died, and how wonderful it was when aunt Minnie came to live with them for a short while.


Hi Kerry,

Glad you've found my site helpful. I don't know off hand where Calvin Pugh is buried, so would suggest searching or Good luck in your research!

~ Kate McCarter

Message Number: 261 - Saturday, May 30, 2020 14:29:48 PST
Name:  William A McCarter

it is with great sadness that i let you know of the passing of Ernest Roy McCarter...on may 27 2020..

Message Number: 260 - Friday, January 17, 2020 17:16:17 PST
Name:  Christine Overly Wallace

I'm directly related to the Overly's who are buried near the chapel. Hoping to visit one day.

Message Number: 259 - Monday, January 6, 2020
Name:  Dawana cochran hooper

Virgie Bell McCarter was my great grandmother. My grand mother was Betty McCarter White. My mother was Janet White. Virgie (granny) raised her along with other brothers and sister.

Message Number: 258 - Monday, December 30, 2019 17:48:05 PST
Name:  Kimberly McCartet Evans

Hello, I am from the Appalachian area in Clay county Tennessee. My dad is Willard Darriel McCartet and my paternal grandfather was Willard Hershel McCarter and his father was Harrison McCarter whom I never knew. Hoping someone else o n here has a connection. Thanks in advance.

Message Number: 257 - Tuesday, April 9, 2019 02:11:07 PST
Name:  David Hulme


My relationship to Stephen Hopkins was the icing on the cake following the long search - more than 25 years - to identify my American soldier father, Allan Russell Edwards. This was made possible through an autosomal DNA test with Ancestry two years ago. I've since made contact with a half-sister in northern Michigan. The Edwards family I come from are Detroit-originated.

I took my family tree back all the way to Stephen Hopkins - one heck of a surprise - on Ancestry, and the line also links to an actual Pilgrim, Thomas Rogers - another surprise.

I am not able to become a member of the relevant Mayflower societies because my starting point - my birth certificate - does not show my father's name, and further DNA testing as required by those societies is impossible - my American father died in 1964, and my mother died more than 20 years ago. I have first and second cousins who have tested on Ancestry, and my Edwards genetic link comes via them. It is not enough for Mayflower membership, which is not actually something I seek.

Still, the European branch of the general Mayflower Societ y has confirmed that my six generations down from Stephen Hopkins match the names already in their database. I am confident that the four further generations linking to my great grandmother are accurate - they have been checked by me multiple times.

So - these are the relevant family names from Stephen Hopkins: Constance Hopkins; Mary Snow-Tholmas Paine; Priscilla Paine-William Norcott; Priscilla Norcott-Malichi Loveland; Priscilla Loveland-William Taylor; Asa Taylor-Lovisa Hoskins; Harriett Taylor-Smith Lowell; Alma J Lowell (my paternal great grandmother)-John A. Edwards.

There 8 Edwards names in the MCarter index, but none match anything I have in my tree. Still, I'd welcome an approach by any Edwards families, especially any with a strong Detroit, Michigan, pedigree.

Other names in my tree not apparently listed in the names index are: Norcott; Loveland; Taylor; and Lowell.

Apologies if I'm mistaken on that last point.

I am British-born and bred, which makes me a rather unusual contributor.

I look forward to hearing from any interested families. My tree on Ancestry is public for anyone interested - D_Hulme75 is my handle.

Regards, David Edwards Hulme.

Message Number: 256 - Sunday, April 7, 2019
Name:  Becky Douglas

My mom Rosemary O'Brien and myself have been working on our family tree. My mom's mother was Catherine (sometimes spelled with a K) Pugh married William Scanlon Patrick O'Brien.

Catherine's dad was James M. Pugh married to Dorothy DeMers. James Pugh's father was James J. Pugh married to Julia Clementine Celiste Chaney.

James Pugh's father was John W Pugh married to Cynthia Bourne and, as you know, John Pugh's father was David T. Pugh married to Sarah Greer.

Finding your website has helped us to find other relatives further back and even better read more stories about the Pugh's.

Thank you for this site.

Message Number: 255 - Thursday, January 10, 2019 12:57:53 PST
Name:  Catherine Senter

I am beyond grateful for this website and send my thanks to all who have worked on it. My grandfather was John Calvin Senter, son of Kenneth and Rosamund Jones Senter. Until I found this website a few weeks ago, I knew nothing about my Senter ancestors or much about my name. I have only met 2 other peole outside of my immediate family with this last name, and my father quickly assured me that they were no kin.

What I was told was that Grandaddy left home at age 18 and would never discuss his past. Yet he settled in Roanoke, Virginia, married Lena Frank, had 2 children, Lois and John Calvin, Jr., my father, built a successful construction company, and was a respected member of the community.

I now know that I come from a long line of hard-working, respectable Blue Ridge mountain folk whose ancestors mostly emmigrated from England over 200 years ago. Not many Scotch-Irish, Germans, or even Cherokee in the blood line. ( BTW, my other relations have lived in Roanoke for the last 4 generations, so my heart, soul, and blood are in the mountains.)

Do any of you know anything about my Senter great grandparents? Any insight into my Grandfather's break with his family would also be appreciated. I know his mother died and his father, Kenneth, remarried shortly before Grandady left home.

My fondest greetings to all my Senter cousins that I never knew I had! Catherine Senter

Message Number: 254 - Wednesday, November 28, 2018 11:27:41 PST
Name:  Vicki Carr

I appreciate the information you have provided. It gives one a great deal of info. to better understand our ancestors without overwhelming us. Thank you. I am related, but I'm trying to catch up with all the info.

Message Number: 253 - Saturday, May 19, 2018 11:27:06 PST
Name:  Lisa Bourne

Would love to know where Steve and William's graves are.

Stephen Bourne's burial site is known, but here's where William Bourne is buried.