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Message Number: 95 - Sunday, April 28, 2019 16:01:22 EDT
Name:  CynthiaKing
Where Ya From?:  Kentucky
Subject:  Kendall Hayes
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Artical you wrote

I lived two streets from kendall. Very down to earth and kind. He played several songs he wrote and was never recorded. Very talented. I worked for a non profit organization and he and his wife put on a show for free. Am proud to have known him and his wife.


Message Number: 94 - Wednesday, August 8, 2018 22:59:13 EDT
Where Ya From?:  North Fort Myers

George Smith, that played fiddle with Ralph Raulerson, was my father. Thanks for posting these songs.


Message Number: 93 - Tuesday, July 3, 2018 20:56:24 EDT
Name:  Jonie Hiser
Where Ya From?:  Ohio & Kentucky
Subject:  Music!
So, How'd You Find Me?:  I found you quite a few years ago. I was looking for songs about the school bus accident that happened in Floyd County Ky.
Web Site:  I sent you a song about the accident.

I was so glad to find you again! I have been ill and haven’t been on here for quite some time and I was going through some old mail and found a letter from you. I was so glad to see your site up and running! I hope you have been well and life is being good to you. Take care, Jo


Message Number: 92 - Sunday, May 6, 2018 11:44:21 EDT
Name:  Evelyn Black
Where Ya From?:  North Fort Myers
Subject:  Friend of Carl & Sandy Bowyer
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Sandys Facebook page

Happy to hear some of Carls songs I recorded a few cd's for them both my hubby and I used to run karaoke shows and they rarely missed one we were very close friends .Miss them both terribly. Thank you very nice site.


Message Number: 91 - Saturday, May 5, 2018 22:24:35 EDT
Name:  Maggie Noles
Where Ya From?:  Mount Dora Florida
Subject:  Johnny was my oldest brother.
So, How'd You Find Me?:  My youngest sister, Beth, told me Johnny was on YouTube.

Hi Gary, Just wanted to say Thanks for all you've done! Took me on a trip down memory lane! Would you mind if I posted this on my FaceBook page?

Respectfully, Maggie L. Noles Johnny's third to the youngest sister.


Message Number: 90 - Sunday, October 15, 2017 16:01:57 EDT
Name:  Sam Watkins
Where Ya From?:  Pine Island, Fort Myers
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Facebook

Thank you for sharing your music. It braings back memories.


Message Number: 89 - Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:31:03 EDT
Name:  Sondra Seamon
Where Ya From?:  KY, FL, AK
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Looking for info on Big Still

Thanks for the memoriesLooking for info on Big Still


Message Number: 88 - Tuesday, May 30, 2017 15:09:37 EDT
Name:  Glenn
Where Ya From?:  Naples
Subject:  Gary Link
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Google and Discogs

Hi there! Was entering my albums into and came upon my Shell Factory Blues album. Love the song. Thanks for this post about him and I'm sorry to hear he died way too early. Was that a local accident that took his life? My copy of the album is signed, Best Wishes Gary and My Very Best, Jimmy Byrd. There's no reason to think this is not a real authentic autograph.

Very cool to know the history,

Thanks again,



Message Number: 87 - Sunday, March 12, 2017 18:14:35 EDT
Name:  Missi Morton
Where Ya From?:  Fort Myers
Subject:  Johnny Noles
So, How'd You Find Me?:  Googled Johnny Noles

Hello, born in Fort Myers. My mom was a frequent visitor to the Big Still. I was going through some belongings and found a Johnny Noles album she had that he signed for her. It must have been prior to the band referenced here as none of the band members listed here match the ones listed on the back of the album. Was just looking up some facts to be able to discuss Mr. Noles. Thanks for the information!