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Message Number: 49 - Tue, May 4, 2021 23:34:50
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  prapCruina
Location:  Canada

I well understand it. I can help with the question decision. Together we can come to a right answer.

Message Number: 48 - Saturday, June 13, 2020 11:53:03 PDT
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Posted From: Ireland - ie.gif
Name:  Geraldine Martin
Location:  Dundalk, Ireland

My father Paddy Martin was in the Birminghamn Irish Pipe Band in the 1970s. He still pipes in Ireland. My brother Patrick is also a piper.

Message Number: 47 - Tuesday, November 26, 2019 17:18:36 PDT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Location:  Shirley pipe band

Hi guys and gals it was a privilege

and a pleasure to work with you guys

over the weekend at the tattoo, a job well

done cheers Jimmy

Message Number: 46 - Monday, July 9, 2018 06:28:24 PDT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Clarence Abadie
Location:  Scottsboro, AL

Would like to take bagpipe lessons and possibly may be able to arrange two additional music experienced persons to join me. Please call me at 985 507 2611


Message Number: 45 - Thursday, May 22, 2014 05:07:38 PDT
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Posted From: Pakistan - pk.gif
Name:  Adnan Chand
Location:  Pakistan

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Message Number: 44 - Friday, June 7, 2013 18:02:26 PDT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  tim leary
Location:  buffalo ny usa

i,am a piper in buffalo ny usa good looking band great irish and scottish tunes my band that i play with is called st . brenden brigade pipes and drums my ancestery is from co claire eiregood bye ...

Message Number: 43 - Sunday, December 16, 2012 21:18:21 PDT
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Posted From: Pakistan - pk.gif
Name:  Shehzad Afzal Deura
Location:  Pakistan

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Message Number: 42 - Tuesday, December 11, 2012 07:40:53 PDT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Paddy Foy
Location:  Birmingham

Great to see the pipe band over the years get better and better, the lads in the band are not only a credit to the Irish community in Birmingham but the UK. I have seen the band from day one and feel so proud when i see the lads & girls at the B-Ham St Patricks day parade. I know a lot of the band,and know what they put in to keep the band running. keep up the good work. Paddy Foy

Message Number: 41 - Sunday, November 4, 2012 12:19:15 PDT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  LES & PAULA

HI Bill

Will your pipe & drum band be able to attend our HELP 4 HEROES event as previously requested for
August 3rd 2013?
If you are unable to make the event can you re
commend any other pipe & drum band please

Regards Les & Paula OUR

HELP 4 HEROES REG NO 20120925-5371-9217

Message Number: 40 - Friday, October 26, 2012 12:25:57 PDT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  LES & PAULA
Location:  DERBY

Hi there
we are organising an event in aid of help 4 heroes on the 3rd AUGUST 2013,event to be held at the ostrich inn,long lane, longford,derbyshire,12pm-till late,a country pub offering good food & ales,overnight camping,sunday breakfast etc,familys welcome,lots happening on the day!we are looking for a good pipe & drums band to give that special touch to this event!INTERESTED ?please get in touch.Regards LES, CHARITY REG N0 20120925-5371-9217 H4HEROES