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Message Number: 22 - Thursday, December 1, 2011 11:39:27 PST
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Name:  Tracina Bradley-Cobb
Berry Family Heritage:  Isaac Berry- great grandfather

I have been building my family tree for my children.

Message Number: 21 - Wednesday, March 2, 2011 09:34:18 PST
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Name:  Mishae Liggon
Berry Family Heritage:  Issac berry
Family Connection:  Josephine cook (berry) 's Grandaughter

Remembering Grandma ... Today Would be her birthday... Cant believe shes almost been gone for 7 years!!!

Message Number: 20 - Saturday, February 19, 2011 13:57:57 PST
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Name:  Mark Eric Norman
Family Connection:  Youngest son of Harry E. Norman of Remus

Hi I was cruising the web spotted this site. Actually Dorothy Harris my first cousin routed me here . I cherish these old notes and photographs, as I grew up in rural Isabella County on my great grandfather Joe Dow Norman homestead.

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Message Number: 18 - Thursday, September 30, 2010 01:16:31 PDT
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Name:  Patti B
Berry Family Heritage:  NONE, but found photos of Minnie Berry Carrothers in antique store
Family Connection:  None, but please read


I was in an antique store today called Harbert Antique Mall, phone 269-469-0977, email harbertantiquemall There are a bunch of photos of a family with the names of Berry and Carrothers, some very old. The woman is "Minnie" Berry Carrothers. I think her real first name was something like Miranda. About a total of 10 pictures, mostly snapshots, but one had the husband and wife and their children in their home- very nice- and another was a portrait of a brother and sister together-same woman, maybe- and another pic was "Aunt Minnie's grave." I jotted down the names to look up on the computer because they seemed too special to go to a stranger. Hope you are the same family.

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Message Number: 16 - Friday, February 13, 2009 12:28:13 PDT
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Name:  Jim Cross
Berry Family Heritage:  Great Grandson of Isaac & Lucy Berry
Family Connection:  Oldest Grand Son of John Berry Sr. & son of Marie Berry Cross

Ray Pointer Jr. and I had a very productive meeting last night with The Mecosta County Park Board. We are hoping they will give the Mecosta Morton Area Historical Society, which I formed six years ago the go ahead to reconstruct the Isaac & Lucy Berry Log Home along with a museum at the same location in the Park. We plan to furnish the log house, with the similar furnishing of the eighteen-hundreds, when the Berry's lived there. The musuem will feature the Little River Community, which consisted of the multi-race Old Settlers, the Polish, the Germany, the Irish along with the Native American Indians. I will keep you up dated on the progress of the proposal. Jim.

If anyone of the Berry family have artifacts that could go into the Log House please send me a list at my e-mail address, it would be greatly appreciatied. Thank you.

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Message Number: 13 - Wednesday, May 2, 2007 17:51:43 PDT
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Name:  Susan Williams
Berry Family Heritage:  M. Linda Berry, John Berry Jr, John Berry Sr
Family Connection:  great great grandaughter of Isaac Berry

Greetings from Virginia to all of my Berry family. I
miss you all and am sad when I don't get to see my family
at the Old Settler's Reunion. I (and the rest of my
crew which includes my husband James and our 4 children
--Morgan, James III, Jett, & Taylor Lindley) look
forward to seeing you the third Saturday in August!