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Message Number: 2 - Saturday, November 30, 2019 07:17:16 PDT
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Name:  Steve Pittenger

Great site- I look forward to its onging developement.

3 Cheers,

Steve Pittenger

Message Number: 1 - Monday, July 22, 2019 15:01:38 PDT
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Name:  Curtis h. Vose

Hello Craig,

It was great seeing you at Royaneh on July 19th. I will be sending you a digital copy a camp picture from one of the early sessions, before we purrchased Royaneh property. It was taken at a campground at Olema, CA in 1918. It is titled Second Annual campout. I am assuming there may have been a campout in 1917 with possibly a picture.

I have had this photo restored and as soon I get if framed it will be hung in the chief's room.


Curtis Vose