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Message Number: 2599 - Saturday, August 17, 2019 07:23:54 EST
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Name:  Graham Hoskins
Service Number:  Kingsdown

I learn from Joe Baggs who has attended the funeral that Alan Rammell has died. Many will remember Alan as a delightful RMSM civilian member of Staff at Deal and know of his influence when teaching the higher musical skills expected of those seeking promotion through the ranks. Alan will be sadly missed by the many who owe so much to his interest in them. May he rest in the peace he has earned and so richly deserves.



Message Number: 2598 - Tuesday, August 13, 2019 09:50:06 EST
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Name:  Barry Radford
Service Number:  RMB 3507
Hometown:  Meols. Wirral
Instrument/s:  Euph and Cello

Dear Richard,

Such a heart warming posting from Col/Graham. Many a year in coming to fruition. But at last recognition for our colleagues and members of our great Band Service Family who were sadly taken from us so early.

Would it be possible if, someone who is attending the Annual Memorial, to take a photo and send it to you Richard, so we can all share this great step forward??.

Regards to all, hope to see many of you in Portsmouth.

Barry Radford


Message Number: 2597 - Monday, August 12, 2019 05:51:29 EST
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Name:  Graham Hoskins
Service Number:  RMBx2687

Colleagues all,

It has long been recognised that the thing missing from the Memorial Garden site of the 1989 RMSM bombing in Deal has been a record of the names of those who lost their lives there. With the thirtieth anniversary approaching it is entirely significant and appropriate that this oversight, I learn, is to be remedied. I have written to Jonathan Ball, CEO of the Royal Marines Charities, to thank him for his kindness in arranging for a bronze plaque carrying the names to be in-situ by the 22nd September this year. I have told him that his thoughtfulness can never be fully repaid. I did however want him to be aware of the depth of positive feeling that his action will generate as a further gesture of goodwill from the Corps to this historic town wherein so much valued co-existence still abounds. I sent him the sincere thanks and appreciation of all Band Service colleagues, the bereaved and others for seeing a need and acting upon it so satisfactorily. Yours ever, Graham.


Message Number: 2596 - Monday, August 5, 2019 15:29:27 EST
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Name:  David A Mutter
Service Number:  RMB 3814
Hometown:  London
Instrument/s:  euph/cello


What an interesting proposition you present. My feeling is that a sermon is redundant as the whole point of Christianity is witnessed by the very fact that you are all sat there remembering those who have given their lives for their friends (John chapter 15 verse 13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends”) You don’t need a sermon to tell you what you are already doing by acknowledging the fact that your brothers in arms has already sacrificed their existence for their friends. I would suggest an appropriate piece of music played by our comrades would be more to the point giving us as individuals time to reflect on the finest points of sacrifice, that of giving freely.



Message Number: 2595 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019 08:27:47 EST
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Name:  Len Lewry
Service Number:  Hampshire
Instrument/s:  Solo clarinet

Hi all,

I have suggested this idea on "another place"..... I am not religious , but enjoy thoroughly the camaraderie and closeness felt at the Remembrance Service on Sunday after the reunion. Listening to the lecture.. sorry .. sermon on these occasions, it occurred to me that the vicars/reverends were mostly unattached or had scant knowlege of the Band Service. With that in mind, I have posted for thoughts that one of our own, Graham Hitchins, might take the sermon on a regular footing. He has agreed. I post this to garner any thoughts on this. Good or bad.

If there is no great dissent, I will start making enquiries, initially with the RMSM.


Message Number: 2594 - Monday, July 29, 2019 21:45:06 EST
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Service Number:  RMB 4069
Hometown:  Proud Preston
Instrument/s:  Clarinet/s...Piano here and there. Vibe....and......


I don't do Facebook! This is not the time or place for me to explain why but I urge all of you who ARE involved in the social media to include me...............or should I say the ex RMB website that hundreds of you have supported in various relay important information regarding anything that should be shared with this amazing family of ours. Good and bad, it all matters. All of you who continue to be in touch and make any kind of contribution I thank you.

Be well all of you.



Message Number: 2593 - Saturday, July 27, 2019 00:31:06 EST
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Name:  Kevin Hart
Service Number:  PO36812r
Hometown:  Knottingley
Instrument/s:  Cornet and Violin

Hi Shipmates, if you are intending Marching at this years Cenotaph and HAVE applied to the RMA, can you please let me know, so I can update our list! If you haven't applied and want to attend please let me know, there are still places available that have been put aside for Ex RMB only.

I only have until early August to fill the remaining slots. If you need help in any way with the application let me know.

Kevin Hart


Message Number: 2592 - Monday, July 22, 2019 19:51:14 EST
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Name:  Eric Charles Hayward
Service Number:  RMB/X 3051
Hometown:   9 Spencer Drive Kangaroo Flat Victoria Australia
Instrument/s:   None now

Hi Richard,

Here is an update on the condition of our mate Barrie Baker (RMB/X 2840)

I have just spoken to Barrie's wife Sandra so this is hot of the press.

Barrie was yesterday (22 July) yet again fitted with new stents to his Kidneys. I am not sure how many times this has been performed..

The hospital in which Barrie has been for many weeks now have decided that it is time to move him to a Nursing Home (To me that sounds like "we need the bed ") I hope I am wrong on that.

He is as always cheerfull and is fully aware of his situation.

I will keep you posted on any developments.


Message Number: 2591 - Saturday, July 20, 2019 12:29:13 EST
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Service Number:  RMB 4069
Hometown:  Preston

PHIL HUGHES (update 2)

Hi Dickie,

I went to the hospital this afternoon and found David Cole already there. As you can imagine the stories came thick and fast. Phil is in good spirits and can't wait to get back home, he says that you can't get into his house for cards people have sent.

He is still very ill but he is not letting it get to him. He needs our prayers.
Best wishes,
Mike Tellick

PHIL HUGHES (update 1)

I have just had an e-mail from Phil's wife Joy stating that Phil has been hospitalized for 7 weeks now and that he has liver failure. He has had many well wishes and he is keeping in good spirits. Once the doctor's have sorted an on-going medication regime for him it is hope for him to return home per Joy's message. I would send further correspondence to his home address as follows:


Yours aye


Message Number: 2590 - Friday, July 19, 2019 13:47:15 EST
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Name:  Ray Lloyd
Service Number:  RMB4067
Hometown:  Exeter
Instrument/s:  Cornet/Viola

Memorial at CTCRM

This is a message to any of my ex RMB friends. I have been asked by Trev, the CTC Band Sec to collate emails of ex RMB's who would want to attend a short memorial in the Bandroom at CTC either on the Friday or Monday morning....either side of the 22nd September, to be decided. It happened last year and a few people were missed out. Present will be CTC Band (obviously) the New Entry Trainees who will have just joined and us, as the wider family. Please, could anyone who would like to attend send me an email by private message so that I can pass on to Trev. All are invited and very, very welcome. Could you please pass on to your wider circle of RMB friends who are not on my list so that no one is missed out. It is important that we get the message out there.

This was put on Facebook by Charlie, if anyone would like to attend please email me (Ray) with your email address and I will forward it to Charlie, I think it is a wonderful idea and a great way to remember our lost friends