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Message Number: 2707 - Wednesday, February 26, 2020 01:55:24 EST
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Name:  Mike Tellick
Service Number:  Rmb3512
Instrument/s:  Clart

Morning all,

Interesting to read Michael's comments about the reunion. Re the idea that has been floated about the possibility of going down to CTC for the Corps family weekend, they don't call it a reunion anymore, I don't think that would work from our point of view. It's all about the "Bootneck" side of things. Yes, there is a band display, but the rest seems to be rifle shooting, a competition for the best standard bearer, and other Bootneck activities. My colleagues in the Canterbury RMA go every year and love it, as so they should. But it ain't for me. The Band Service memorial weekend is just that and in my opinion should be kept that way. It's very special to US as a group.

On another note, I will be at the MFM next weekend holding a bucket on behalf of the RMA. So, if you see me come over and say hello and cross my palm with a £20 note!!!!! You know it makes sense.

Best wishes to all, see you in Pompey in October.



Message Number: 2706 - Tuesday, February 25, 2020 15:22:46 EST
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Name:  Derek Roberts
Service Number:  RMB3914
Hometown:  Exeter
Instrument/s:  Clart/Violin

I could not agree more with Michael Hutton re: the last October reunion comment made by Col Burcham in the latest Blue Band.

I also sent a message to the Blue Band secretary immediately after the reunion giving my thoughts which somewhat mirrored Michaels.

Having read the comments of Col. Burcham in the latest Blue Band I, like Mike, felt quite insulted by his remarks. Just about all those I had spoken to had complained about the evening so it was not just those with the loudest voices.

I met an old friend who I had not seen for some 53 years and yes we had a good chat, he finally attended as he was told how good the reunions are but having travelled from Cumbria has said he was disappointed and would not be attending again.

In regards to my email to the Blue Band, my comments were passed onto WO1 Simon Tripp who’s response was negative.

I took for the first time my wife and daughter telling them what a great night it would be; as a result I am unsure whether to attend this year even though it appears that it will be back at the chief's mess.


Message Number: 2705 - Tuesday, February 25, 2020 08:08:22 EST
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Name:  Barry Radford
Service Number:  RMB3507
Hometown:  Meols. Wirral
Instrument/s:  Euph and ‘Cello

Dear Richard,

Sadly Heather and I didn't get to the funeral of George Fenlon. We were weather bound in Harrogate. Greatly disappointed but I know Mike Tellick, Merv Durrant and Taff Kinsey attended.

I found Michael's posting very heart warming and very honest. I truly feel that we are becoming almost second class citizens in the eyes of certain people in OUR School of Music. Why would we wish to travel to C.T.C.R.M for a Band Service Reunion? I understand that today's Band Service is much different to the one many of us served in. But we all belong to the same family.

Unlike Michael, both Heather and I are determined to attend this years Reunion. (although we did say after last years debacle we wouldn't be attending again). But a message to those who are doing the organising. "Please get it right"!!

Everything crossed that Roger Smith continues to make progress in his recovery.

Regards to all

Barry and Heather Radford


Message Number: 2704 - Monday, February 24, 2020 13:35:01 EST
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Name:   Michael Hutton
Service Number:  RMBx 2638
Hometown:  Newbury
Instrument/s:  Euph 'n' 'cello

Having read the editor’s and Col Burcham’s comments in the Blue Band about the reunion last October, I’m not sure what to make of it!

I found the editor’s remarks (you can’t please all the people all the time) and (we should be mindful though, that those with the loudest voices do not always reflect the views of the many) rather insulting. Who I wonder was he referring to? Did he read any of the comments on Dickie’s site? Probably not, although he did publish part of my letter to the BB, but left out some quite important and complimentary sections.... OK Editor’s prerogative I suppose, he can pick and choose what to publish...

The Colonel’s comments in his response about visiting the School of Music as a last opportunity in its current guise I found rather strange. I presume by that remark that, with the Army close by there will be many changes in the near future?

He also doesn’t seem to understand that most of us served on HM Ships and in RN Establishments so we do have a link with the Royal Navy. Furthermore he even suggests that we might like to consider joining up with the Corps event at CTCRM !!!! Is this Colonel a Marine or a Bandsman?

Having read both the editor and Colonel’s comments I think I’ll stick to attending the Church Service only then the RMA get-together of course the invite from Willi to attend the Ripple wishes to all true RM Bandsmen. Michael Hutton.


Message Number: 2703 - Sunday, February 23, 2020 05:13:23 EST
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Name:  Mike (taff ) Webber
Service Number:  RMB/X 3144
Hometown:  Gornal nr Dudley
Instrument/s:  Ex Bandmaster

Hi All Thank you Bill for your kind comments! However I must point out that I was very fortunate to have served as an Instructor on two occasions, as a Cpl & Sgt in the 60s. As to the comment that I was unknown to you, we were only a squad apart as boys and we served together in H.M.S. Maidstone in 1956! on top of that, you have posted a photo of the two of us along with (Phil?) Sperrin taken in Gibraltar in August 1956!!!!!!!! I must have been the quiet and reserved type in those days!!?? I trust that 2020 is progressing well for all readers.


Message Number: 2702 - Sunday, February 23, 2020 05:11:30 EST
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Name:  KenTyler
Service Number:  RMBX1883
Hometown:  Hebden Bridge
Instrument/s:  Cornet/Violin

How good to be mentioned in messages by Terry Freestone and Michel Hutton. Yes all is well in Mytholmroyd, and I have survived the floods we have been having.

It is Mytholmroyd, not Mitholmroyd .. Well done!

I don't contribute much to this brilliant website, but was on the verge of putting a message on, to the effect we are one big family together, although we never knew each other individually.

A long time ago Herman Nobby Clarke had put a request for news of Captain Roy Nash, and being as Roy was a pal af mine in our Staff Band days, I asked if he found any thing out to please let me know.

He did, and after that Nobby and I kept in touch, also with Roy of course. Sadly both now no longer with us.

Whilst my wife was quite poorly, and later passed away, Nobby sent me many messages of encouragement and help.

On hearing of her death he sent me this message: " Although I never met or served with you in the RMB, I feel blessed that we came to know each other by means of the internet and Facebook. You will agree with me that we are all members of the wide family of Brothers that is the Royal Marines Band Service.. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time in your life."

I am stll ln touch with his lady wife Sandra, as I am with other members of our big family.

Best wishes to all.


Message Number: 2701 - Thursday, February 20, 2020 12:19:39 EST
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Name:  Bill Hartland
Service Number:  RMB/X 3050
Hometown:  Congresbury - Somerset
Instrument/s:  Solo Clart

Good to see so many items entered in the Guest Book, and, following my appeal for a Viola Player or Teacher, up pops Mike Webber, who was, unknown to me, an Instructor in the RMSM at the end of his playing career! What Luck eh? I have passed Mike's (Taff) comments of advice to my Son to print off for the benefit of my Grandson. So, many thanks Mike.

Noted comment by Terry Freestone re Ken Tyler who asked me to represent the School at a Funeral in Somerset some time ago. Ken and I used to correspond on that dreadful FB, but not unlike others, I rejected it that is FB, and really since then Ken and I have not had any comms at all. I hope the dear fellow manages this dreadful weather we are affected by this Winter.

I have an email address for Ken if anyone of the Old School wishes to contact him.

Yours aye,



Message Number: 2700 - Wednesday, February 19, 2020 10:05:52 EST
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Service Number:  RMBX2638
Hometown:  Newbury
Instrument/s:  Euph & Cello

Lovely to read about Ken up in windy Mytholmroyd * via the amazing Terry Freestone. Terry and I are among the mid 80s of course and still have many guys around who joined at Burford way back in the 40's.. Received my copy of the 'Blue Band' today and was pleased to see that my comments about the 'Reunion' were included even though somewhat edited. If, as suggested, the Reunion will be as before in the Chief's Mess as in previous years, I'm sure many of us will want to attend and just forget about what happened at the last gathering.

I'm sure we all hope that Col Jon Ridley will overcome what illness he has suffered and soon be back leading our fine Band Service. Happy New Year to all......Michael Hutton.

* The name of the West Yorkshire Pennine mill-town Mytholmroyd, between Halifax and Hebden Bridge, is pronounced with a primary stress on the first syllable, which has the sound of the possessive personal pronoun 'my', (NOT the sound of 'myth'), and the soft 'voiced' '-th-' of 'the', 'this' and 'that'.


Message Number: 2699 - Tuesday, February 18, 2020 16:47:54 EST
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Name:  Eric Hayward
Service Number:  RMB/X3051
Hometown:  Kangaroo Flat Bendigo Victoria Australia
Instrument/s:  None now


On further reflection and Bill Hartland may disagree but out of the 40 odd that joined with Bill and I on Trafalgar Day 1952 I am not sure but I believe there only two others of that group who have not moved on. They are Charlie Laws and George Woods. Would love to be told that there are still others around.

My best regards to you all,



Message Number: 2698 - Sunday, February 16, 2020 09:47:26 EST
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Name:  Terry Freestone
Service Number:  RMB/X2505
Hometown:  Barham
Instrument/s:  Solo Cornet

Seeing all the coverage on TV of the floods up North and the Calder Valley in particular brought to mind our brother Ken Tyler, Cornet/Violin, now aged 92 who lives alone in Mytholmroyd and I called him this morning to check his situation. He is safe and well and told me he has already received help from his neighbours over a blocked drain. Despite a viral chest infection just after Christmas he keeps generally well and still takes a lively interest in our pages and the band service in general. Here in East Kent we have taken another battering but we seem to have come off less badly than many other parts.

In Barham the Nailbourne is flowing for the first time in five years but we are not yet cut off on Railway Hill so we can replenish our stores and still get to the pub, so all`s well for now.

Best wishes to all, Terry