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Message Number: 2792 - Saturday, October 31, 2020 06:24:50 EST
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Name:  Michael Hickman
Service Number:  RMB 3482
Hometown:  Roquetas de Mar
Instrument/s:  Bass Trombone

It is with a heavy heart that i have to inform you that another member of the 1/56 squad has crossed the bar. Rodney Williamson joined the great Massed Band where ever it may be on October the 24th. He will be sorely missed by many especially the few that are left and can remember Rodney from that day 3rd January 1956 we joined as kids and left as men. My most sincere condolences to his children and grand children he has left behind they will feel it more as their mother passed away a few years ago also my condolences to all in the great family that is the RMB who like me had the pleasure to know and serve with him.



Message Number: 2791 - Friday, October 30, 2020 16:56:04 EST
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Name:  Bill Hartland
Service Number:  RMB/X3050
Hometown:  Congresbury N. Somerset
Instrument/s:  Solo Clart/Saxes

So sad to see another younger member than I has crossed the bar.

Last time I saw Rod Williamson was on HMS Lion.

RIP Rod.


Message Number: 2790 - Friday, October 23, 2020 07:33:25 EST
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Name:  Derek Usher
Service Number:  rmb3645
Hometown:  Pompeeeeee!! (Formerly Bude Cornwall!)
Instrument/s:  Cornet & Fiddle!

Just to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the wonderful controller of this great site! It is of course our very own


I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing the great man all the very best and raise a glass to him at some point during the day!

Have a great one Rich'! and many thanks to Willi Watson for the 'heads up' on this important date in our calendar!! :-)


Message Number: 2789 - Thursday, October 22, 2020 12:39:20 EST
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Name:  Barry Radford
Service Number:  RMB 3507
Hometown:  Meols. Wirral
Instrument/s:  Euph and Cello

Dear Richard,

Having celebrated my 80th Birthday last week. I received many gifts and messages. One great gift from my Old Mate Merv and Sue Durrant, was a book recently published by Major John Perkins. " A Musical Life in The Royal Marines". I'm sure this would make an excellent stocking filler for all Bandies this Christmas. I found it to be very enjoyable and enlightening, John is very candid in his opinions and it was good to see many photos of John's service in our great Corp. And many names were recognisable. I thoroughly recommend this book to you all.

In writing, many many thanks to old friends and colleagues who sent me cards and good wishes. Namely my Brother Terry and Jan Puttrell, Merv and Sue, Mike and Erica Tellick, Pat and Ray Grant, David and Heather Booth, Lewis and Audrey Sykes, Brian and Carol Thorogood, Bob and June Rawson (and two of my favourite people) their Daughters Janet and Alison. Your good self, Michael Hutton. Apologies if I've left any one out.

Despite the restrictions up here in Wirral. Both Heather myself and Spenser had a great day.

Regards to all, be safe and take care.



Message Number: 2788 - Tuesday, October 20, 2020 16:24:36 EST
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Name:  Eric Hayward
Service Number:  RMB/X3051
Hometown:  Kangaroo Flat Victoria Australia
Instrument/s:  You wish

Hi Bill, Yes how time flies! As for RNSM over the door I can't remember. I do remember Capt. Pop Talling lining us all up tp check our hands and teeth, then to be told that I would make a fine BASSOON player. I had no idea what a B------ Bassoon was. However on retiring from a forty year career I do have it in writing that I was in fact as stated above. Not that I would quite agree but makes no difference now as I haven't played since retiring due to a touch of Arther in my hand

Now Bill on a sad note, Henry also crossed over nearly two years ago and I said I would never have another dog. That was until two weeks ago we bit the bullet and have a new little friend. Not as big as Henry ,in fact quite small. She is a delightful bundle of Miniature Dachsund..

Now I know a few of our intake have Crossed the Bar but to all those who are left My very best wishes to you all.

Bill you mention an article in the Blue Band Mag. You would not believe this but I have just cancelled my subs to the Blue Band after so many years of receiving it.

All the very best to you both Bill

Cheers from Bendigo,



Message Number: 2787 - Tuesday, October 20, 2020 07:19:49 EST
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Name:  Bill Hartland
Service Number:  RMB/X 3050
Hometown:  Congresbury, N. Somerset
Instrument/s:  Solo Clart and other Saxes

Hi all

Today marks the date of my intake reaching 68 years since we entered the Hallowed Portals of East Barracks Back Gate, and only later did we see the entrance to 'O' Block from the Main Gate which I am sure still had The Royal Naval School of Music above it.

To any and all of those who survive to this Day, may I wish you well and who knows, those of you who no longer appear anywhere, you may get in touch, or, even agree to a Reunion?

I have already emailed my only contact in Australia so it will be good to hear from you and Jan, no news on Henry I suppose?

Yours aye,


PS. Henry is Eric's Dog, just in case you were wondering?


Message Number: 2786 - Thursday, October 15, 2020 06:47:40 EST
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Name:  Ray Lloyd
Service Number:  RMB4067
Hometown:  Exeter
Instrument/s:  Cornet & Viola

Stan Hacking B.E.M.

I had coffee with Stan on Tuesday (Socially Distanced!) considering what he has ben through for the last 5 or 6 years it was great to see smile & be genuinely happy & proud.
It would probably make him feel even more proud if as many of you as possible sent him a congrats card! his details are:
Mr Stan Hacking B.E.M.
4 Clyst Holt Avenue
Cheers, Stay Safe,


Message Number: 2785 - Monday, October 12, 2020 02:57:34 EST
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Name:  Paul Collett
Service Number:  RMB3827
Hometown:  WIMBORNE
Instrument/s:  Basses

Late on parade I'm afraid. Just watched the Memorial Service and thoght it quite emotional. Well done to all concerned.

Perhaps Michael Hutton might be able to tell us when the Set of Fanfare Trumpets were last played?

Best wishes to all


Message Number: 2784 - Sunday, October 11, 2020 13:43:57 EST
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Name:  Mike Hickman
Service Number:  RMB 3482
Hometown:  Roquetas Mar Spain
Instrument/s:  Bass Trombone As

As one who attends Portsmouth regularly and have done so nearly every year since I retired in 1981, I must commend all concerned with today's MEMORIAL service it was obviously not a full service but it covered all aspects of Remembrance, the playing was excellent and the DEDICATION FANFARE was played at a good tempo the words spoken by the PDM and those of the Corps Drum Major I think, were very moving as always I shed a tear or two during the playing of NIMROD. Let's hope that in October next year we can gather again in Portsmouth and enjoy a weekend that I am sure it was missed by many. All my dear friends and special people as you all are please take care and stay safe. My regards to you all.


Message Number: 2783 - Sunday, October 11, 2020 10:08:18 EST
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Name:  Brian Thorogood
Service Number:  RMB3456
Hometown:  ROMFORD
Instrument/s:  Clarinet/Violin

I have just watched the video of the church service in Portsmouth Cathedral in remembrance of our fallen mates, it was very moving and I had a few tears in my eyes. The Royal Band were excellent, the Fanfare team were excellent very well done to all who took part and hopefully we can have our normal reunion next year.