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Message Number: 2850 - Wed, Apr 7, 2021 10:24:50
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Name:  Derek Usher
Service Number:  RMB 3645
Hometown:  Pompey
Instrument/s:  Cornet Flugel & Trumpet & Fiddle (Gosh!!?)

Yesterday we said our farewells to another of our great fellow bandsmen, when our old friend and colleague Laurie (Fred) Pacy (Basses) left us all to join with his wife Margaret once more.

It was an excellent service too considering the current limited circumstances and was attended by as many as were permitted into the small chapel at the Portchester Crematorium and Gardens of Rest.

Luckily, (as Laurie might have said!), we were all excused singing!)
His son Keith, (Former RM Band Sergeant) gave an excellent eulogy of his Dad, and I personally came away feeling that I'd learned a great deal more about the man with such a gentle soul. "Fred" spent his life loving his music and playing! So much so, he continued to play on long after he'd retired from the RMB!
In fact it was only a year or so ago that he decided to retire from the Bass section of the RMA Concert Band at the tender age of 84! He was very much a founder member and a regular from the very first rehearsal when the band was formed in April 2006 under Capt Ted Whealing MVO BA ARAM ARCM LTCL RM (Ret'd)
On his final rehearsal night, Laurie was duly recognised by the current Dir.of Music and former PDM Lt Col Chris Davis OBE BA(Hons) MMus DMA LRAM RM (Ret'd) who duly thanked "Fred" for his invaluable service and loyalty to the band and presented him with an inscribed plaque to mark the occasion.

Laurie I know, was amazed and honoured, when one day last year there was a knock at the door and who should it be but Chris Davis himself who popped round to his house for a chat and to spend time with him and to check all was well. A lovely gesture by Chris. Well deserved too I'd say.

Fred will always be long remembered by all those who knew him.
RIP Old Fella. I'll never forget those happy days serving with you in Terror Band Singapore in those mid to late 60's!


Message Number: 2849 - Wed, Apr 7, 2021 03:27:17
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Name:  Paul Collett
Service Number:  RMB3827
Instrument/s:  Basses

Just finished reading a good book about "The Royal Oak Affair" and was wondering if any of our older members remember Bandmaster Percy Barnacle?

I think he might have been at Deal as an instructor in the early 1950's and conducted the Betteshanger band at one time

Any info would be grateful

regards to all



Message Number: 2848 - Wed, Mar 31, 2021 03:44:08
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Name:  Michael Hickman
Service Number:  RMB 3482
Hometown:  Roquetas de Mar
Instrument/s:  Bass Trombone

May I add my belated birthday wishes to my friend John Alford a member of the 56 boys I hope this years Reunion will go ahead so we can celebrate my little birthday which a couple of days before that weekend. Regards to all stay safe and lets keep our fingers crossed for a good weekend.


Message Number: 2847 - Tue, Mar 30, 2021 09:35:53
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Name:  Mike Tellick
Service Number:  RMB 3512
Hometown:  Sittingbourne
Instrument/s:  Clart

May I add my best wishes to John Alford on his 80th birthday. I will be there myself in December.



Message Number: 2846 - Sat, Mar 27, 2021 02:56:41
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Name:  Barry Radford
Service Number:  RMB3507
Hometown:  Meols Wirral
Instrument/s:  Euph and ‘Cello

Dear Richard,

A quick posting to wish my great friend and mate. John Alford a Happy 80th.Birthday 👏👏👏

Congratulations John. Welcome to the club . Enjoy


Barry and Heather


Message Number: 2845 - Thu, Mar 25, 2021 09:57:47
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Name:  Adrian Brett
Service Number:  RMB
Hometown:  Deal/London/Folkestone
Instrument/s:  Flute 'n' Piano

I know you have all been spellbound and waiting for my final interview with Lady Gaga, whose astounding musicality, phrasing, diction…and rhythmic distortion…nay… ‘ musical realignment’ of the American anthem has heralded a new era of consideration regarding ceremonial performances worldwide. The RMBS were very quick to recognise this universal appeal and to ensure that her popular input would not be lost on future audiences of public ceremonial displays, such as ‘Beat the Retreat’ resulting in her appointment as Musical Adviser. In fact this well known event, as a result of her suggestions will hitherto be called: “Retreat to the Beat”…and what a change in the visual aspects and musical renditions will result.

“ Hell man, I just kinda love all that stuff you guys do in those quaint old clothes. And those quirky old white hats..with the shiny knobs on top..something I kinda know a bit about…know wot I mean? Well I read recently…well someone read it to me… which is why you become famoos like me and pay someone to read when you ain’t gone beyond 12 year old edoookashun. She said those shampane glasses, kinda like on old movies, were modelled on Marie Antoinette’s left @!#%&…no..dontcha’s true! Well those cute white hats with the knobs on musta been copied from Oprah’s left bazooka!! And before I comment on the mooosik..wots with that guy out front holding the pole? Someone said he was a ‘drum major’!! Hell aintcha seen our teeny majorettes in US? All bare legs and anything else that’s considered OK in public. Getcha kit shortened man..bare legs and hot pants is wot we wanna see…and you can keep that red stripe down the leg if you wanna..

Now the moosik is well so… 70s…1870s. Getta beat! This rumpty tumpty stuff is uncool. Play that toon “Life by the Seaside’ or whatever its it in 4/4 with a shuffle beat and don’t just walk up and down..take two steps forward and a half step back on the shuffle…can you see it? All those guys shuffling up and down on ‘Horseshit Avenue’..or whatever it’s the sun glistens down on those shiny knobs. Man that is reeeel art!!”

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Message Number: 2844 - Wed, Mar 24, 2021 06:34:23
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Name:  Terry Puttrell
Service Number:  RMB3487
Hometown:  Gosport
Instrument/s:  Solo Clart

For those who knew and served with B/Cpl Trevor Lewis BEM. It is with sadness that Trevor passed away on 22nd March. He was ill for some time. I served with Trevor when he arrived at Whale Island in the early 70's, before that he served at HMS Arial / now Daedalus, as well as other drafts. When he finished his time, he joined the Dockyard Police for many years. He was also the director of Music of the RM Light Infantry Band during this time, made up of Boys & Girls from as young as 8 to 18. Also Alan Piner was the Bugle Major, Dave Aves Bugle instructor, John Tucker ( Instructor ) and Denis Brown the band master, when Denis left to live up North, I then took over as the band master. The Band became well known with around 90 young musicians performing, even at the royal tournament.

Trevor will be missed sadly and our thoughts are with his family



Message Number: 2843 - Tue, Mar 23, 2021 00:40:57
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Name:  Adrian Brett
Service Number:  RMB 3730
Hometown:  Folkestone
Instrument/s:  Flute and Piano

Subsequent to the announcement that Lady Gaga has been appointed as Musical Advisor to the Royal Marines Band Service we have secured an interview with her on her proposals for change and improvement in ceremonial displays, particularly in “that know what I mean..kinda marchin’ fing..kinda cute but SO old and kinda…well quaint and oh so Eeeeengleeesh!”

(So far she has not made any suggestions regarding uniforms but judging from what she wore at the inauguration of President Biden, draped in a WW2 barage balloon we await with some trepidation what she might possibly suggest.)

In respect to the musical changes she wishes to introduce within the RMBS she was far more specific and detailed. Many may recall her rendition of the American anthem at the Presidential inauguration, so admired and commented upon throughout the world for its musicality, phrasing, vocal sonority and diction. Those fans in the UK will be particularly pleased at her suggestions. In a few bars of music she destroyed the commonly accepted triple metre of this English tune, “The Anacreonic Song”, (which was stolen by the Americans as their anthem)…as well as several states and plantations. Lady Gaga has decided that our National Anthem should in the future be similarly rendered in 4/4 time for the first verse…well actually 10/8 time as she needs to take a breath after a few words…and the normally accepted stresses of the English language should reflect how America has improved English …kinda like. The normally accepted stresses in triple time of Strong/Weak/Medium , so admired and maintained by Purcell, Haydn. Beethoven Mozart et al are “old fashioned and..kinda stink of..well kinda..old times…know what I mean?”. She suggests that the first beat, “God” is “Kinda unimportant man….go for ‘SAVE’ this really give that toooon some rithim (sic) and man oh man..gofer that great word…Holy Moses…’gray SHUSS’…forget the Queen..we have!!”

I shall report on her recommendations for marching displays later…and be prepared for some drastic changes.

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Message Number: 2842 - Mon, Mar 22, 2021 06:24:30
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Name:  Bill Hartland
Service Number:  RMB/X3050
Hometown:  Congresbury
Instrument/s:  Solo Clart

Having read all of the comments about the lack of a Band on the QE2, I find it all to be unfounded.

[Editor] As in without basis? Bill, we know the QE2 had a band but there is yet to be affirmation as to whether there is an RM Band on HMS Queen Elizabeth II. Adrian's humorous analogy give us pause for sure.

So, I wonder how many of you/us, know about a Former Royal Marine being Burnt out of House and Home and Car and Touring Caravan?

All because he stood up to the local idiots who were causing mayhem in his locality.

Please can we support this exRM on Just Giving to show our support to a fellow Royal Marine?

I have, and wish that others will do so too.

Google search for Sean Ivey for details.

Yours aye,


[Editor] Yes Bill I totally agree and urge all readers to do same. I'm going to donate just as soon as I've posted this approved message. Be well!

PS: So far they have raised over £253,684 after my own contribution!


Message Number: 2841 - Mon, Mar 22, 2021 04:42:42
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Name:  Michael G Hutton
Service Number:  RMBX2638
Hometown:  NEWBURY
Instrument/s:  Euph & Cello

Fantastic Adrian, a great read, shall I ask the editor of the Blue Band if he would put it in the next edition ? Things may be easing a little over the coming weeks and months so with a bit of luck we may be able to get together for the Band Memorial Concert on Walmer Green in August and maybe a great reunion in October. Keep safe everyone, get that jab and we'll all meet again. Michael.