From June 1 - Sept 1 play will start at 8:03

June 17


We will be requiring you to enter your email to make it easier to contact you during Thursday Summer play. If you sign up for Thursdays, you'll get an email from the Janis Croft letting you know who's playing. Save the email in case you need to cancel.

To Sign Up to Play click the "Sign" button above and fill out form. 

Remember to click "Post Comments" at bottom.

You must sign up by Tuesday, 3:00 PM each week to play the Thursday round.
Arrive at club no later than 7:30 am.

USGA rules are followed. 

We will group players for Match Play. If desired, players can
play for money among their foursome. Suggested amount $2/pp. If not enough for foursomes,
players can play Quota or just play regular game.

If you need to cancel before Thursday morning, reply all to the email from Janis

If you need to cancel on the morning of play, please call
the club house and let them know

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