September 23

Bisque - Closest to the Pin #8

Method One (more math is involved). Players can choose to take their handicap strokes at any time and on any hole. Each player will keep their own scorecard. One master scorecard will be kept for GHIN. AFTER EACH HOLE, decide how many of your handicap strokes you will take with a birdie being the lowest you can take. When your handicap strokes are gone, your gross now counts as your score. Method Two you can just deduct the strokes you get on each hole for your net score...(no serious math involved!)


To Sign Up to Play click the "Sign" button above and fill out form. 

Remember to click "Post Comments" at bottom.

You must sign up by Tuesday, 3:00 PM each week to play the Thursday round.
Arrive at club no later than 8:00 am. 

See the weekly starter (usually Lorie Burningham) as soon as you arrive at the club. Put your $5 entry fee in the large blue envelope and check off your name on the attached sheet. Pick up any scorecards for your group. Remember to bring $1 for 50/50 

to support our charity fund.

If you need to cancel, contact Lorie Burningham (904-885-0221-call or text) or 

email ( 

If you need to cancel on the morning of play, call
the club house and let them know

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