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Message Number: 100 - Wednesday, September 23, 2020 10:10:07 GMT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  John Scott
Station (optional):  Phoenix Radio
On Air Name (optional):  John Scott


Stumbled across the site by chance and found a recording of Phoenix Radio on there so thought would give some additional info, may be of use if you update at all.
Should note the station was called Phoenix Radio (rather than the other way around) and the recording you have up is John Scott from 26.03.83.

Phoenix Radio website tells the story,

All the best,
John Scott

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Message Number: 98 - Monday, January 6, 2020 23:07:39 GMT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Andrew Cohen

As a kid I was into building FM radio transmitters, and went to school in Kingston. i would get all the bits from Watts Radio in the Applemarket.

The bloke who I used to talk to and helped me the most used to broadcast on Radio Suburbia, and was called Gerry Sinclair. I used to listen all the time. It was a really good show.

Anyone know how "Gerry" is doing these days? He must have been in his 20s at the time, I was in my teens, and it would have been in the early 80s. I hpe he is doing well.

Message Number: 97 - Monday, November 25, 2019 05:47:25 GMT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Bear
Station (optional):  Telstar 1, Alice's Restaurant, Phoenix Radio, Amanda, Andromeda, RFM, Rock City, Rock 106, Alice's Restaurant Rock Radio

Almost got 104.9 fm

Message Number: 96 - Monday, November 25, 2019 05:44:41 GMT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Bear
Station (optional):  elstar 1, Alice's Restaurant, Phoenix Radio, Amanda, Andromeda, RFM, Rock City Radio, Rock 106, Alice's Restaurant Rock

Forward chaps! :o)

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Message Number: 94 - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 04:29:02 GMT
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Posted From: Thailand - th.gif
Name:  Mister Oppa
Station (optional):  Sun Radio

To Stephen Oxley re Sun Radio.



I am one of the persons in your list.

I maybe able to assist you.

Please e-mail me firstly with some more information about yourself and your proposed novel.

Best regards,

misteroppa at gmail dot com

re format the above address to standard format.....

Message Number: 93 - Friday, April 12, 2019 08:00:47 GMT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Stephen Oxley
Station (optional):  Sun Radio

I’m writing a novel about of group of land-based pirates set in 1969/70.
It’s partly based on memories I have as a teenager listening to Sun Radio in Worthing. As part of my research, I’ve obtained a copy of a government file from the National Archives, Kew on Sun Radio which details all the GPO, police, government and court activity as they tried to prosecute the station’s operators. This file was not declassified until 2004. The file mentions a number of people who were either, questioned, arrested, cautioned or prosecuted. Among these are:

William Moore
Susan Turner
Alan Jones
Gordon Farmer
Patrick Healey
Roger Parker
Keith Appleby
Godfrey Sargent
Graham Pitney
Christopher Evans*
Anthony Pelling
Carl Rivers (DJ name)
Graham Richards (DJ name)
Stu Phillips (DJ name)

I would really like to talk or correspond with any of the people listed above, or indeed anyone working on illegal land-based medium wave transmitters at the end of 60s/early 70s.

Message Number: 92 - Saturday, March 2, 2019 21:47:19 GMT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Kj
Station (optional):  RFL

Started to listen to Pirates in the 70's. Picked up RFL in early 80s and then regularly listened in 1989 - 1991 when Kenny Myers was in his (drunken) element playing old & new.
Anyone have recordings from that era???

Message Number: 91 - Thursday, August 30, 2018 21:16:50 GMT
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Posted From: United Kingdom - gb.gif
Name:  Martin S
Station (optional):  Alice's Restaurant / 2 many 2 mention!
On Air Name (optional):  Dave Lane

Hi, Stumbled across this site for a second time. Don't know if there is anyone still there, but great job with the site (a museum a web style in itself) and the recordings & info.

Luke the Duke, great to see you on here. I've often tried to find info on R City 1278 on the net & failed. When we started our first little staions on Medium Wave (still at school) almost all of us listened to Radio City avidly, it was a great listen. Damn fine signal too ... we were listening in Redbridge, quite a ways from Colindale! Can you put up some tapes of you, Wild Willy West or anything from Radio City?

Hi to one and all. Weaaaaah!

How about a pub meetup to swap recordings & photos? Aug 14 2019 anyone? ... Run what you brung, 807s welcome?!