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Message Number: 98 - Wednesday, October 10, 2012 19:50:28 PDT
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Jason
City:  nova scotia
Country:  CAN

what they did in new dumbswick makes me sick i will bad mouth that town for as long as i live

Message Number: 97 - Friday, March 30, 2012 11:52:15 PDT
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Peter E Davenport
State/ Province:  ON
Country:  CANADA

"KILL-TO-SCARE" in LITTLE LAKE PARK - Midland, Ontario, Canada

Here is a letter I had published in the Midland (Ontario, Canada) Free Press newspaper (copied & pasted from my Gmail submission).
I included the entire Midland Council as recipients, as well as their Parks & Rec. Dept.
Unfortunately, my concerns fell on deaf ears:
(Councillor Pat File): "It may be the kind of issue that, because people don't really know about it... they may have some misunderstandings" she said during Monday's council meeting (March 26, 2012).
Councillors ultimately authorized Parks and Recreation Director Bryan Peter to seek the necessary approvals to have three or four geese killed in Little Lake Park on several occasions during the year.
The theory is that the other geese would quickly learn the site is dangerous.
"Hopefully, they'd get the message and go elsewhere".

The letter:

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Canada Geese in Little Lake





fromPeter E. Davenport,,
Message Number: 96 - Sunday, February 12, 2012 23:47:08 PDT
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Sarah
City:  London
State/ Province:  Ontario
Country:  Canada

I'm outraged. Shivers down my spine. Thank you for shedding light upon this issue.

Message Number: 95 - Wednesday, January 25, 2012 09:37:19 PDT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  eli

Geese are currently being killed at butternut golf course by the hundreds

Message Number: 94 - Thursday, November 17, 2011 10:13:58 PST
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  Robert Guadagna

Thank you for putting a link to my website Robert Guadagna owner Very humane plus we whistle train geese

Message Number: 93 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011 07:26:14 PDT
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  afiena kamminga
City:  sackville
State/ Province:  new brunswick
Country:  canada

Nackawic geese 'cull' this summer/

UNBELIEVABLE? NOT if you've lived in the area of Ncw for twenty some years. In terms of understanding the wreckage human idiocy has always left, and still does, leave on this earth, I'm sorry to have to say that in our province's semi-rural areas such as this one, good sense with respect to the earth and all non-human life on it, seems an uncommon phenomenon. WHy/ No idea. Don't people READ, or watch INFORMATIVE programs, videos etc. as the rest of us does, to gain some UNDERSTANDING of this earth and the mindless role humanity always has, and still does, play in destroying everything around us? HAven't they learned the importance of preserving, rather than selfishly and STUPIDLY, destroying our world one plant, amphibian, fish or bird at the time, and sometimes hundreds of GEESE all in one go???

Do they not see how, as here in Nackawic, it ALWAYS is human FAULTY, (read, idiotic) THINKING that CREATES the problem, in this case by MAKING those large pitiful expanses of short grass, mowed, even sprayed in many cases, for WHAT????? Do people, all of whom, surely in semi rural places DO have backyards....really NEED all that PUBLIC GRASS to barbecue and socialize, at SUCH EXPENSE in animal life? Those folks sure do have their priorities upside down. They seem to lack any RESPECT for LIFE on this earth, and therewith of the earth itself, to DARE carry out such atrocities to living,sentient beings, that have been ATTRACTED by, INVITED TO COME, in the first place by thoughtless 'landscaping'.

WHAT was the HURRY huh? Geese've been grazing and pooping on that grass for YEARS, I've seen it myself, big deal// don't like it? then put some INTELLIGENT thinking toward solving the 'problem' -- if it even deserves that label.

To murder a bunch of defenseless geese in such SECRECY, in the dead of night, and NO WITNESSES to ensure the RULES of 'HUMANE ' killing at least were followed, is UNACCEPTABLE policy to adopt for anyone in their right mind. HOw many birds were, thanks to the rush, plus, very likely, human sloppiness and incompetence , actually buried ALIVE is anyone's guess. A 'private contractor' needed to be hired to do the dirty, read UNETHICAL, job. How irresponsible can people GET, who're supposed to be leaders in the community? Those who WERE THERE and asked about it, apparently, in 'open democratic' Nackawic were put under a gagging order. Nothing to hide huh?

I for one will do my very best to let the rest of the world know about the selfish, thoughtless folk in Nackawic, which surely lived up to its main tourist attraction as the place of the BIG AXE.

Message Number: 92 - Monday, August 8, 2011 15:44:58 PDT
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Posted From: Canada - ca.gif
Name:  Jenny
City:  Nackawic
State/ Province:  N.B
Country:  Canada

I would really like to see Nackawic, New Brunswick Canada on this site. Due to what is being called a nuisance, The town council, Mayor &
Randy Wilson, the parks recreation co-ordinator for Nackawic, New
Brunswick has decided that the best way to stop the possible spread of
goose feces/befouling along the 10-acre lakefront property of the
Nackawic Park, caused by Canadian Geese is to kill them. The town
applied for a lethal-removal permit to cull the birds in 2010, because
the town claims the geese are deterring tourists as well as local
children who want to play in the area. The Canadian Wildlife Service
granted them to kill up to 250 geese, and since then, the town decided
to go ahead with the cull killing a flock of geese, despite the wishes
of the majority of the public, which was carried out between Friday,
July 15, and Sunday, July 17/2011. The actual amount of geese killed and
how they were killed has not been disclosed. The town stated the town
will continue with its long-term management plan to kill life-mate
couples, parents, siblings, and offspring/children as a way to
discourage the waterfowl from soiling its waterfront.

A group called "Save the Geese" (
), which I am a member of, has created a Facebook page with opponents
of the cull urging the town to consider alternatives such as relocating
or scaring the birds away. So proud of that group and everything they
tried to do to save the geese!

Personally...I am dismayed by the
decision on the part of the mayor and Town Council & Randy Wilson,
the parks co-ordinator! KILLING IS NOT THE ANSWER! It's cruel,
ineffective & not to mention expensive! The removal of any animal to
solve a nuisance wildlife problem, if that is the only tactic, will not
solve the problem! I also do not agree that we humans have a right to
regulate Nature. If we did not interfere, Nature would not be out of
whack. We are not superior to Nature - we are part of it and our
responsibility is to maintain the balance, not adjust Nature to
accommodate us and only us. God will make more geese. It's what he does!

any other person who has respect for all sentient beings, I care deeply
about wildlife, including Wild Waterfowl. I believe in more reasonable (and
humane) alternatives and wants to help work towards a better solution,
so that this does not happen again in the near future!

Message Number: 91 - Monday, June 27, 2011 10:38:39 PDT
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Posted From: United States - us.gif
Name:  L. Sims
City:  Puyallup
State/ Province:  WA.
Country:  USA

After buying our first home, it wasn't 6 months before the land all around us was leveled and new homes were built eliminating over 30 speicies of wildlife we got to know and enjoy emensly. A containment pond was put in adjacent to our property within arms length threatening to go over her banks every winter. The land all around us was raised higher than our property and thus we endure constant flooding all year round from that. The one thing we enjoy out of all of this sadness was to make friends with two geese we call Sara and George. The whole community got to know them and Love them. To our sadness, they are gone now along with all the other geese. Now the pond which never empties and we have given a name, Lake of souls, is lifeless and full of masquitoes and other nasties. The skies are lifeless along with the pond.