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Message Number: 9 - Wednesday, May 3, 2017 20:11:46 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Andrew Yakush
Callsign::  wz6j
Main item Description:  MFJ 1820t 20M qrp telescopic antenna
Phone::  9518053478
Location of item. City:  Calimesa

Lime new MFJ 1820T QRP telescopic 20M antenna for FT 817/817nd. Like new consition. $25


Message Number: 8 - Sunday, February 5, 2017 23:44:23 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  pete damron
Callsign::  N6ZLW
Phone::  903-262-5549
Location of item. City:  East Texas

Hello from Texas

Pete Damron expired N6ZLW


Message Number: 7 - Saturday, December 31, 2016 17:02:46 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Gilbert S Carrasco jr
Callsign::  KM6DAK
Main item Description:  Kenwood R-2000 reciever.
Phone::  9515993369
Location of item. City:  REDLANDS

Looking to trade my Kenwood R-2000 receiver or OBO in working condition call or text.


Message Number: 6 - Saturday, November 26, 2016 08:55:34 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Nicholas E. Nixon
Callsign::  N5ICK
Main item Description:  HT'S
Phone::  19093277815
Location of item. City:  Rialto

Yaesu VX-7R QUAD BAND HT (6M,2M,1.25M & 70cm) $115

TYT MD-390 UHF DMR HT with GPS $115

TYT MD-380 VHF DMR HT $115


Wouxun (Brand New) KG-UV8D DUAL BAND HT with X-BAND REPEAT $115


Message Number: 5 - Saturday, November 26, 2016 08:09:39 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Nicholas E. Nixon
Callsign::  N5ICK
Main item Description:  TYT MD-390 DMR HT with GPS
Phone::  19093277815
Location of item. City:  Rialto


With GPS

This radio is in great condition it will work between

400mhz to 470mhz comes with extra battery, charger and programming cable! Will come already programmed with a code plug for DMR.

Cost $115


Message Number: 4 - Sunday, October 2, 2016 09:28:48 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Matthew
Callsign::  KF6RRX
Main item Description:  New Yaesu ft 2900 75 watt mobile with power supply and swr/watt meter
Phone::  909 921-2302
Location of item. City:  Rancho Cucamonga

I have for sale a New Yaesu ft2900R 75 watt 2 meter mobile radio with a diamond sx40c cross needle watt/swr meter with 3 foot rg8x jumper wire.I also have a Samlex america power supply SEC 1235M thats 35 amps peak and 30 amps continuous with voltage and aperage meters on the front. This equipment sells for $384 plus tax at HRO. I am asking $240 OBO for everything. Call or text Matt 909 921-2302. The radio is new in the box and the other items are in like new condion.


Message Number: 3 - Thursday, May 5, 2016 23:51:28 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Kevin
Callsign::  KF7MYK
Main item Description:  Looking for antenna tuner
Phone::  7752206758
Location of item. City:  Warner Springs/Temecula

Hello came down to help my mom, couldnt fit antenna tuner. Just running Yaesu 857D and a wire. Just hoping someone might have an extra laying around they dont need for a reasonable price.





Message Number: 2 - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 15:53:26 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Steven
Callsign::  AC6DX
Main item Description:  Misc. Ham Gear Cont....
Phone::  9518364645
Location of item. City:  Nuevo

COMET CFX-324 TRIPLEXER 1.3-150Mhz/ 200-320Mhz/ 390-500Mhz $45

DIAMOND CF-706 DUPLEXER 1.3-57MHz/ 75-550MHz “New” $50

Qt. 6 MAXRAD NMO W/17’ RG58A/U Cable “New NMO Roof Mount” $18ea.

DIAMOND K-400 Mount 3/8” Stud mount 6.5’ RG-316 mini pl $35

COMET RS720 Antenna Mount Only $15

DIAMOND CS-211 Antenna Mount w/coax “new in package” $30

KENWOOD SMC-34 HT Mic “used cond unknown” $15

ICOM HM-54 HT Mic “used cond. Unknown” $15

KENWOOD PG-3J Filtered Cigarette Lighter Cord “in org. box” $12

YAESU YO-100 Monitor Scope $150

OUTBACKER PERTH PLUS 10 thru 75m. Plus 6m &2m. $150


Message Number: 1 - Wednesday, December 30, 2015 15:46:28 PDT
[IP =] -
Name:  Steven
Callsign::  AC6DX
Main item Description:  Icom/Kenwood/Yeasu, Etc....
Phone::  9518364645
Location of item. City:  Nuevo

Items below are from an SK/Estate Sale, will consider reasonable offers.

KENWOOD TS-870S No Mic or Power Cord, Outstanding Receiver $895

KENWOOD PS-53 Power Supply $95

KENWOOD TS-50 10m thru 160m Mobile Transceiver $460

KENWOOD AT-50 Auto Tuner with Cable $150

Or Kenwood TS-50 with AT-50 for $530

ICOM AH-4 Auto Tuner 3.5 to 54MHz 120w. “not tested yet” $150

SGC SG-231 Auto Tuner 1.8 to 60 MHz 100w. “New in Box” $185

SGC SG-230 Auto Tuner 1.6 to 30 MHz 150w. “New in Box” $400

SAMLEX SEC-1223 25-Amp, Power Supply “TESTED New in Box” $85

DuraComm 15-Amp 18-Amp Surge, Power Supply “not tested yet” $40

ASTRON Power Supplies

SS-30 TESTED $90

SS-25 TESTED $80


Four MOTOROLA N1274A, 2-Meter Amps 1 to 5 in 30-45w. out

150.8 to 174 MHz “untested” No-Power cords $45 each

AMERITRON AL-811 600w. PEP “not tested yet” $450

KENWOOD TK-705D 25w. 25-Chanel 2 meter Mobile Transceiver

“not tested yet” MAKE OFFER…

YAESU FT-101EE Transceiver “not tested yet” $225

BK Precision Model 1476, 10MHz Oscilloscope $75

TEKTRONIX 220A with Manuel & Cloth Case $95

AVCOM SDM-42A Spectrum Display Monitor “Taking Offers”

RANGER AR-3300 Ten Meter Transceiver, No Mic or power cord “taking offers”



HEATHKIT 2 Meter Transceiver “untested as is” $20

PAKRATT 232 MBX no cables “untested as is” $35

Gold RF Adapter Kit $75

ALPHA DELTA Coax 4-Position Switch $45

DAIWA 2 Position Coax Switch $20

MFJ 2 Position Coax Switch $20

CUSHCRAFT ARX-2 Two Meter Antenna “New In Box” $45

DIAMOND NR-770HB 2Meter/440 Mobile antenna $35

REGENCY HR-312 Two Meter Transceiver, no mic or cord “untested as is” $20

3 UNIDEN ESP-20 Mobil Speakers Two are New in Box $20 ea.

KENWOOD KLF-2 12V. inline noise filter $25

TLN5277D 12V. inline noise filter $25

COMET SSB 1NMO 2Meter/440 Mobil Antenna $25

DIAMOND D-130 Antenna “Need top radials” $25

RADIOWAVZ End-Fed 20m. wire Antenna 33.5’ long $30