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Message Number: 249 - Tuesday, July 4, 2017 12:30:04 PST
Name:  Jason Lolley

Nice to finally figure out some surname background information. My father and grandfather were from north Alabama. I didn't know much about the family name origin this had gave me some insight. Thank you ever so much.

Message Number: 248 - Wednesday, June 14, 2017 11:38:10 PST
Name:  James O Row, Jr.

Hi I believe that Cora and Hezekiah Row are my great grandparents. I have just started looking up my family tree. I am 77 years old now and married to Doris. We have two adult boys. We live in Fl please contact me and let know if I am correct.

Message Number: 247 - Saturday, December 31, 2016 16:08:57 PST
Name:  Suzanne Duda

Hello, I've just sent a direct email, but I'd like to thank you again for all wonderful, well researched, and shockingly detailed information about Stephen Hopkins and his family... You have graciously shared information that we would otherwise be unaware of.... Thank you so very much!!! Suzanne Duda

Message Number: 246 - Sunday, November 27, 2016
Name:  josh watson

I am the grandson of George Oliver Lolley. My grandmother has information solidifying this pedigree. I just found this website while searching our lineage for my son's school project. George W. Lolley was born in 1835 in Devonshire, England. George Henry Lolley was born in June 1872 in Missouri. I read about the issue you had with the different dates provided on the census, there were reasons he gave so many different dates, but the rest of your information is quite accurate and I am very impressed by the amount of information you have compiled. *neat fact* I still live on the same piece of property George Henry lived on and has remained in the family.

Message Number: 245 - Sunday, November 13, 2016
Name:  Colleen Thompson

So cool to read and thanks for all your research compiling this. Stephen Hopkins was my 7th times Grand Father. I love to see the history on paper and connect with all that our forefathers endured to make this great country of ours possible. Kudo's to you. Colleen Thompson

Message Number: 244 - Sunday, April 24, 2016
Name:  David

I adopted your family cemetery. I got the bulk of the overgrowth
cut out and hope to seed it this week. I live on Bear Ridge in
Smyth County, Virginia.


Thanks so much for adopting the McCarter-Barton Cemetery, David.
I'm sure all of the descendants will be very appreciative of your

Message Number: 243 - Thursday, August 13, 2015
Name:  Patricia


What a great website.  I enjoyed reading about Stephen Hopkins and the Mayflower very much.  Well done!  It is excellent.  I too am connected to the illustrious Coventry/Bilston Hopkins clan.  I've been researching Rev. Ezekiel Hopkins and his father John (b.circa 1600, Stoke, Coventry), for years, but unable to find the link!  I know that Stephen and Ezekiel are of the same family, as some years ago, I discovered an envelope containing information about both of them and others at Wiltshire Archives.


Message Number: 242 - Friday, May 15, 2015
Name:  Dana Quinney

Hi there. I was enchanted with the cowboy reminiscences of early Idaho--and my grandfather, Orla Hicks, was mentioned several times. I didn't know he bought a place in Carey to harvest the wild hay! That explains a photo of him as a young man on top of a large stack of wild hay with a hay derrick nearby. He was born at Soldier in 1890, and died in Ketchum in 1986. All the place names--Bruneau, Black's Creek, Corral, Hill City, Shoo Fly Creek, and so on--are dear and familiar to me. Thank you so much for this wonderful site.

Message Number: 241 - Friday, March 27, 2015
Name:  Dallas Martin


It looks like we share an ancestor. I have just been notified that my sister and I are direct descendants of Stephen Hopkins that came over here on the Mayflower. We are his 10th great grandchildren and my father is his 9th great grandchild. The names are as follows:

Father: Ronald Earnest Martin

Sister: Roni Teresa Pierce (maiden last name Martin)

Me: Dallas Ray Martin.

Message Number: 240 - Saturday, March 7, 2015
Name:  Lori Sprague

Hello everyone my family line starts with Stephen Hopkins>Constance Hopkins>Stephen Snow>Bethiah Snow>John Smith>Mehitable Smith>Abner Baker>Capt.William Baker>Desire M.Baker>Granville Goodrich>Claude Goodrich>Harry Merle Goodrich>Bobby Glee Goodrich and I can also go through Giles line.