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Message Number: 932 - Wednesday, November 22, 2017 16:06:37 PDT
Name:  Younger
Club:  Hangmen MC
Chapter:  Okla

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Hangmen my brothers and friends from HMC Oklahoma! A toast to a great feast, good smoke, easy women and strong whiskey! WFO

Message Number: 931 - Monday, July 31, 2017 08:32:42 PDT
Name:  Lance
Club:  Hangmen MC Alemania
Country:  Germany

Now that Brother Gremlin made his final walk it´s time for us to officially say "Farewell" to him and leave some words written down for all you brothers and sisters overseas.

Those of us who had the honor to get to know this man will keep him in their minds and hearts forever !!!

He was a very wise and handsome man, a great leader and a true living legend.

We´ll never forget the rides we did together and the warm welcomes and the hospitality in Grems and Ginas house. We really had the hell of a good time together and shared some rememberable moments.

The few who did not know him so well will also remember - cause of all the storys we share in loving memory when we are together.

Our deepest condolences to you you guys and especially to the Kessler family. Love you, Gina !

May his road never end !!!

We also send prayers and condolences to every other brother and sister who have lost a loving member of their family !!!


L&R, Hangmen MC Alemania

Message Number: 930 - Monday, June 26, 2017 09:47:03 PDT
Name:  Joseph Bean
Club:  Hangmen MC
Chapter:  Vegas
State:  Nevada

my deepest condolences to my brothers in Arizona, for the loss of a legend and brother


Message Number: 929 - Tuesday, June 20, 2017 05:45:18 PDT
Name:  Spreco
Club:  Hangmen MC
State:  Franconia
Country:  Germany

Our deepest condolences for the loss of Gremlin to all Brothers and Sisters overseas, especially to the Kessler family.

He will be always in our Hearts.

Our minds are with you.

Spreco & Vanny

Message Number: 928 - Monday, June 19, 2017 19:58:25 PDT
Name:  Mike
Club:  HMC
Chapter:  Southwest
State:  South Dakota
Country:  USA

I'ts been a rough couple of months. Davy of Las Cruces, Grem of Arizona and Barney in Chicago.

Brotherhood lasts forever and it hurts when you lose one much less multiple brothers.

Rest in Peace my brothers and know that until we meet again you will be thought of constantly.

Message Number: 927 - Monday, June 19, 2017 13:17:15 PDT
Name:  DOC
Club:  Hangmen
Chapter:  Nomad
Country:  USA

Gremlin, May you Rest in Peace my dear Brother and friend. I will always remember the two week I spent with you and Gina at your house 12 years ago. You will truly be missed! Thanks for all you did with the Club and keeping it up and running for so many years.

Your efforts will not be forgotten.




Message Number: 926 - Monday, June 19, 2017 11:50:49 PDT
Name:  DoubleShot
Club:  Hangman
Chapter:  SW
State:  Az
Country:  USA

condolences to the Kessler family .RIP

Message Number: 925 - Monday, June 19, 2017 00:12:13 PDT
Name:  Hangmen Floydo
Club:  HMC
Chapter:  So Cal
State:  California
Country:  USA

Nation is saddened today. The last of the original 12 founding members of Richmond (1960) has passed on. Richard Kessler aka Grim had a massive heart attack and passed as he was being airlifted to the hospital. Rest in peace, brother. You will be sorely missed. All of So Cal and all of the Hangmen Nation express our deepest condolences to Gina & his extended family. If there is anything we can do to lessen your burden at this time, Gina, we're only a phone call away.


Hangmen Floydo

Message Number: 924 - Sunday, June 18, 2017 23:43:31 PDT
Name:  Dale
Club:  HMC AZ
Chapter:  National Sec/Treas
State:  AZ
Country:  USA

Today, father's day, the Hangmen lost one of it's dearest brothers. Richmond charter member, Arizona president, and my sponsor, Gremlin.

He died of a massive heart attack. Just yesterday, he was riding his motorcycle and flying his patch.

He will be missed and can never be replaced.

All of the other Hangmen who have preceded him will probably elect him as HMC president of Heaven..... or maybe it will be hell.........

Ride on Brother, save some Crown Royal for when we see you again...................

Message Number: 923 - Sunday, June 4, 2017 12:43:04 PDT
Name:  Younger
Club:  Hangmen MC
Chapter:  OKLA

Looking forward to this ride my brothers!