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Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry,Regulars By God!

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Message Number: 938 - Sunday, October 15, 2017 18:01:59 PST
Name:  bill schwindt
Your Unit (if any):  4th platoon
Dates Served:  66-67

Guys, Just looked up some interesting facts about our Puerto Rican brothers in arms. Since they were granted citrizenship back in WW I, they have fought honorably in every war since, including WW I. During Vietnam approximately 48,000 Puerto Ricans served in the 4 branches of our armned forces.

345 Puerto Ricans died in Vietnam, 17 were listed as MIA. These stats reflect only those born in Puerto Rico itself.

C3/22 had a good number of Puerto Ricans serve with us in Vietnam, as did the other companies of 3/22.

I'd guess it was thousands of Puerto Ricans that served in our 25th division in Vietnam.

Perhaps our C3/22 association could do something with some of our excess money to help them recover from the hurricane disaster.


Message Number: 937 - Private Message

Message Number: 936 - Tuesday, October 10, 2017 06:33:56 PST
Name:  Dave Gehr

Reunion 2017-------If you missed the Minneapolis reunion, you missed good one! The weather cooperated and helped make all the planned activities go off without a hitch. It was great to see so many old friends and make new ones! We also had 9 first timers that seemed to enjoy their first reunion. Some were overwelmed with how each was welcomed into our company c brotherhood. The reunion committee went on and beyond the call of duty! Until we meet again, stay well! Deeds Not Words


Message Number: 935 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017 13:43:31 PST
Name:  bill schwindt
Your Unit (if any):  4th platoon
Dates Served:  66-67

Guys, I heard this song today, "Green, green grass of home". I haven't heard it in years. I remember hearing it while in basecamp at Dau Tieng. Imagine the courage it takes to hear that song at night then get up in the morning and head out on another major operation.


Message Number: 934 - Monday, September 25, 2017 11:59:20 PST
Name:   Loel Hunt
Your Unit (if any):   c/3/22
Dates Served:   1/18/67 to 1/18/68

This would have been my third reunion however due to health reason's I won't be able to be there.I wish all the rest of you great reunion.!!!! Loel HUnt

Message Number: 933 - Thursday, September 14, 2017 18:48:59 PST
Name:  Jack Park
Your Unit (if any):  USAF
Dates Served:  TSN Feb 66 - Aug 66

Just finished "ABSOLUTION"

Thanks SO MUCH for telling it like it was, but the follow-up after "Dennis" got home was the real story!

Message Number: 932 - Thursday, September 7, 2017 17:45:20 PST
Your Unit (if any):  1 st platoon RTO
Dates Served:  6/69 6/70

Hopeing to see all my combat brothers iin sept

Message Number: 931 - Wednesday, August 30, 2017 12:12:17 PST
Your Unit (if any):  C322
Dates Served:  1968


Thank the Lord! The rain has just stopped after six never to be forgotten days! The bayou across the from the side street of our home crested this morning and has receeded over a foot since! The streets are rapidly becoming devoid of water as well as my property! And five minutes ago SUNSHINE rays have now reached my face!

Our Cypress,Tx.home stayed dry and I was so convinced that we would not be spared. Thank the Lord!

And without a doubt, Anne and I give huge thanks and appreciation to all of you out there, our friends - your prayers - we are so fortunate to have you wonderful people in our lives.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We are so incredibly lucky.

Yet now there are still untold thousands spread across this massive landscape of destruction that have not received their deliverence from this misery, so the prayers and herculean human efforts must continue longer. Our neighbors to the east - Port Arthur and Beaumont and Lousiana are now catching the same fury from this demonic storm as we just endured. I did not expect to be able to exhale today personally, but exhale I have and it feels beautifully wonderful. AHHHHHHH !!

All our Love,

Anne and Pat

Message Number: 930 - Monday, August 28, 2017 15:07:14 PST
Name:  Philip C Templeton
Your Unit (if any):  I think 3rd platoon 3/22
Dates Served:  9dec65-15 sept 67

George fogarty was my squad leader until his death. A wonderfull man. Randy Phelps was platoon leader for the begiining.I was there when our squad got hit pretty hard.walked out with roland smith ,shot in hand.I asked him where robert martinez was and he informed me that he was shot dead attempting to aid him. Not many days go by when I don't think about robert. I was a 19 year old punk kid then and he taught me alot about staying calm. I called him pappy because he was a few years older and his helpful and calming presence. I met a fellow at the seattle VA and in our conversation I asked about his viet nam experiences. He said they roamed around to help out in firefights in apc's.I asked him if he had heard of sui tre and he said he was there ,fired so many rounds with his 50cal the barrel started sagging . luckily he had two of them .I let him how thankfull I was . I was c co which was a few miles away but soon after witnessed the battleground. whew! currently living in port townsend wa. commerciial fished most of my working life in alaska. one lovely daughter, 3 grandkids and 3 greatgrandkids. hope to get to reunion in 2019 with the grace of god. Thank you to any of you who remember me, helping each other survive. sincerely phil templeton

Message Number: 929 - Sunday, August 27, 2017 12:26:45 PST
Name:  Don Snyder
Your Unit (if any):  C/3/22 4th Plt
Dates Served:  65-67

Texas is being treated very badly by Mother Nature and Hurricane Harvey. We have many Brothers living in Texas that are affected, and we want them all to know that our Thoughts and Prayers are with them.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Minnesota.