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Thank you for visiting Camp Blue Lancer Valley, Korea.   We hope your adventure has been a pleasant one.  You are invited to sign the BLV Rollbook.  Please feel free to comment on your experience--SP4 Martinez

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Message Number: 245 - Wednesday, August 20, 2014 20:10:23 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Lawrence W. Berg
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP/4
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  Dec 1963 - Dec 1964
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  HHC, 1st Brigade, 1st Cav. Div.
Camp or Military Installation:  Blue Lance Valley

Great Website. Brought memories back. Spent 3 yrs active army, Joined Army Reserve while in college, stayed around and retired as a Master Sgt. in 2001. Kept my Infantry MOS. The pictures are awesome. If anyone remembers me, e-mail me.--Lawrence W. Berg~~~LTOPMSG@MSN.COM

Message Number: 244 - Tuesday, August 12, 2014 15:00:08 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  George J Gleissner
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SFC (Ret) US ARMY
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  Korea 1959-1960
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  HQ Co 1st of the 8th Cav
Camp or Military Installation:  Spoonbill area

Went to Korea Dec 1959 til Dec 1960. Would love to go back and see the area north of the Libby bridge. Stationed in Korea at the age of 19 was a big awakening. I loved ever minute of it. Had a lot of great friends. Remember Ditter, Mancuso and a few others.--George J.

Message Number: 243 - Monday, July 28, 2014 11:18:03 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Barry Bagley
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SGT, USAF Air Laison
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  NOV 69 - NOV 70
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  603 DASC
Camp or Military Installation:  BLV / Assigned to HQ Co

Anyone there at that time.

Message Number: 242 - Friday, July 25, 2014 13:29:26 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  John Cosgrove
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP5 Medic
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1/68-2/69
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  BCo 1/23, 2ndID
Camp or Military Installation:  Blue Lancer Valley, Camp Wilbur, GP Johnson

Arrived just prior to the "Blue House" infiltration raid and the seizing of the USS Pueblo. Scary times for a newbie! Enjoyed the down time in the ville, usually Chang Pa Ri but sometimes Nullo Ri. Lots of great guys, most of whose names I don't recall. CO was Capt. Doug Randle(sp?), Lt Dennis Lauer, XO Davis, Clerk Doug Howell (and we did "Howl"), Bucky, fellow medic Ed Lauff, Sgt Fred Johnson, commo guy Smitty. If any of you guys are around, feel free to email me. I am now 100% rated due to AO related illness. Great site here---can't believe I'm just now finding it.

Message Number: 241 - Wednesday, July 23, 2014 07:49:02 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Bob Haynes
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP-4 Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1966-67
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt.
Camp or Military Installation:  Camp Young

Hi Julio and all other Korea Cold War/DMZ vets!!! Many of you will recognize my name as I have been around the group for a long while and on the Korean War Project site also. I am currently and for the past seven years the Secretary/Treasurer of the Second Indianhead Division Association, Inc. We are a 93 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors, WW II, Korean War, Korean Cold War, OIF and OEF and current Warriors. Our 93rd annual reunion will be this September in Omaha, NE. ALL ARE INVITED!!! You can call me at 224-225-1202 for information on the association and the reunion. Most officers of the association are now Korea Cold War veterans!!! Or see our web site at We need you guys as members!!! Best to all my brothers from the DMZ and south of the River. Bob Haynes Imjin Scout

Message Number: 240 - Friday, July 18, 2014 13:25:51 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Sgt Major Warren S. Eichelberger
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1964-1965

Hello, I am Warren's daughter and he does not do the computer, we were talking and I would like some people to find out if anyone knows these people and if these people or you could call my father or contact him. He is looking for a Jack J. Coffey and John E. Wolley, and Charles Hawk, my dad is 84 years old now and his 2nd wife just died, he is really looking to find these people to just share old times with, I am trying to locate these people myself, he is in the 1965 year book. His address is 3367 Coseytown Rd,Greencastle Pa 17225 or his phone number is 717-597-7075. He is kinda hard of hearing, so please understand. I hope someone can please help him, it would mean a lot for him, or if you can send him a letter or picture ect. It would mean a lot for him. Thank you so much. I didn't put much details in the format, for I just found this website on my own for him. He does not do the internet, he is old schooled--SGM Warren S.

Message Number: 239 - Sunday, June 8, 2014 16:48:28 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Roy Yeany
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  PFC ARMY
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  58-59
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  CO B 2ND BATTLE GROUP 12TH CAV
Camp or Military Installation:  BLUE LANCER VALLEY


Message Number: 238 - Sunday, June 1, 2014 13:01:11 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Tom Adamski (ski)
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  E5 Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1962 1963
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  2nd Hq company 12 cav 1st cav
Camp or Military Installation:  Blue Lancer

I was the cook that made the best chow you guys ever ate. I even cooked on the USNS Gaffey. Do you remember the typhoon in the Sea of Japan we were in? At this age I think of being there all the time and the cold. I hate getting old. I was looking for Sargent Haney and Bull, the company driver--Tom

Message Number: 237 - Wednesday, May 28, 2014 19:07:24 MST
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Felix Castro
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP4 Medic
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1965-66
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  2ndBn38th Inf
Camp or Military Installation:  Blue Lancer Valley

Thanks Julio still enjoy even though I have read the entire book just going back to some of the pages to re-think the past.