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Message Number: 97 - Saturday, November 26, 2016 12:13:04 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  David Bowser
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  E-4 ,Combat Engineer,US Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1980-1981
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  B Co 2 nd Engineer Battalion
Camp or Military Installation:  Camp Edwards (east)

Love you the page .

Message Number: 96 - Monday, November 14, 2016 05:54:14 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  Gale Neuhalfen
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP4 Telephone lineman Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  1969/1970
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  Co. A, 304th Sig Battalion
Camp or Military Installation:  Camp Baker, Yong Dong Po District, Seoul

I was with Co.A, 304th Sig Battalion, at Camp Baker from May 69 to April 70. I am looking for anyone who was there at the same time. I need information and "Buddy Statements" about the five day Eighth Army Field Exercise held in November 1969. We went to the field to install phone lines and communication equipment a week before the exercise started and stayed a week after it was over to remove everything and transport it back to Camp Baker. With the five days of the exercise the total is about 20 days in the field. We moved around a lot during that 20 day time period and I know we were close to the DMZ. I have been treated for prostate cancer twice since 2007. The PSA numbers are going up again and it is just a matter of time till I need more treatment. My claim was denied by the DVA, because I did not serve in Vietnam and I did not report or seek treatment for the cancer before I was discharged. Seems to me the board of review members should know Vietnam is not the only place they used AO and it takes years after exposure to herbicides for the cancer to grow. Anyone with knowledge of the location or pictures of the November 1969 Field Exercise would you please contact me soon. It is now an appeal and is a time sensitive matter.

Message Number: 95 - Wednesday, November 9, 2016 07:48:54 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  Charles Roylo
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  E5 Army
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  July 65- July 66
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  C, 2/38, 2ID
Camp or Military Installation:  BLV

Before you go away, I want to thank you wholeheartedly. When I first came across this site, it hit me like lightning. It’s basically all about the time period I was there at BLV, the same time you were there- 1964-65.

I learned a lot from this site- for instance, the flood that damaged BLV. I didn't know its magnitude. All I knew was that BLV had just undergone major repairs by the corps of engineers. I didn’t even know that the damage had occurred just a few months prior to my arrival.

I also learned that Radio Hill was right behind BLV. I was surprised that it had a name. All I knew before was that it was a nasty, strenuous trek up that hill. I learned from this site that the machine gun bunkers on Radio hill had just been built. I felt an uncanny sensation when I read about this, like parallel universes coming together: My first time on the hill we had to remove the wooden forms still in place at the bunker I was assigned to.

I also learned that the switch between 1st Cav and 2nd ID was done merely through switching of colors and patches, an event that had just occurred a month or two before my arrival. I had thought it occurred a while back through an actual moving of the 1st Cav to Vietnam and moving in of the 2nd ID.

I didn't even know how to locate BLV on any map. I tried Google map to no avail. After 50 years, I resigned to the idea that my memory of that part of my life was lost forever.

This site refreshed me as if it were just yesterday. I see my company (C), in several of the photos. I see my Quonset hut. I can see my bunk. I can see my GI and my KATUSA buddies milling around. I can see myself walking down to the orderly room for a pass for a night out in Nullo-ri, a mile downhill. Everything is so clear in my mind. I can even hear the speakers blaring propaganda from N Korea.

Thank you, Julio Martinez.

Message Number: 94 - Monday, October 24, 2016 17:25:07 MST
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Posted From: Canada ca.gif
Name:  James E. Geels
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  PVTE1 - SP5E5
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  April 1961-Jul 1962
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  HHQ CO, 2d Battle Group, 12th Cavalry
Camp or Military Installation:  Blue Lancer Valley (Nullo-ri)

I worked for Major Sapp, Lt Col Halverson, Captain
Thomson in S3. Captain Duncan was my company commander. Manuel Caraveo and Manuel Sarmiento were the company clerks. Joseph Anthony Rodriguez was a
colleague of mine in S3. Ivor Higginson took my place in S3. I went back to Blue Lancer Valley in 2009 in order to show my 22 year old son where I had spent my 19th and 20th birthdays. Blue Lancer Valley was
occupied by a ROK outfit. I was given an extended
tour by several ROKs. The commanding officer told
me to convey his thanks and the appreciation of the
South Korean people for our service. That was really nice to hear. I could not believe all of the huge
trees that were inside the camp, including one that
was growing exactly where my desk in S3 had been.
Only one quonset hut remained. The ROK barracks were brick buildings. The chapel was still there, although the steeple was lying on the ground. The gym was there, and the movie theatre. The commanding officer's quarters were in the same location as the officers' quarters when I was there.

Message Number: 93 - Friday, October 21, 2016 18:07:45 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  Harry Chambers
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  SP/5
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  October 1965-February 1967
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  7th ID 4TH BATTALION 76TH ARTILLERY
Camp or Military Installation:  CAMP SILL

Julio, my good friend. Hate to see such a good thing come to an end. I know it's a lot of work. I hope all is well with you. I'll always remember all the stories and pictures we have exchanged. Your site was the best,

Harry Chambers

Message Number: 92 - Wednesday, October 19, 2016 12:56:38 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  wayne spears
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  sp/4
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  64/65
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  hq and hq co, 1st Brigade
Camp or Military Installation:  blue lancer valley

I really hate to see this site end, Julio, but thanks for everything. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. You are a link with my past that I can`t discuss with anyone else in such a way that they could understand. Thanks for the memories! Wayne Spears, Medic, sp/4 1964/65

Message Number: 91 - Monday, October 17, 2016 07:31:00 MST
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Posted From: United States us.gif
Name:  warren "red" jordan
Grade and Duty Corps/Branch of Service:  pfc, infantry, 81 mm mortars
Duty Years in Korea or in Military:  july 62-july 63, korea, 3 yrs in army
Unit (Co, Bn, Btry, Arty, Div, etc):  4th plt. co. D, 2nd BG, 12th cav
Camp or Military Installation:  B L V

holy smoke julio. I didn't see this coming. guess I thought this site would be here forever. almost a daily stop in for me. i think this makes me almost as sad as when I learned, right here, that blue lancer valley was no longer an American compound. your creating this web site was such a wonderfully nostalgic and cathartic blessing for myself and every other brother in arms who was lucky enough to stumble on to it, as I did. thank you sir from the bottom of my heart for this great sevice you have provided for us all. number one sir. you are indeed a number one Blue Lancer. may God bless you and yours.....Red Jordan