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6918th RSM/SS Hakata Japan

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Message Number: 480 - Monday, February 19, 2018 13:39:21 EDT
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Name:  James Johnson
Service Branch:  USAF
Years at Hakata:  1966 - 1968
Flight or Trick:  Medical Dispensary
Highest Rank at Hakata:  A1C

I really enjoyed by tour of duty at Itazuke and Hakata. I worked at the medical dispensary and our living quarters was three condemned rooms off of the back of the dispensary building at Hakata. Still it was the best assignment I had in 30 years of military service. I met a local girl from Fukuoka during my tour at Hakata. From Hakata, I went to Viet Nam for one year. Leaving Viet Nam, I was assigned to Tachkiawa AFB Base Hospital. I took leave and went back to Fukuoka and brought my future wife back to Tachikawa in January 1969. We were married in Tokyo in March 1969 anf have been together ever since.

Message Number: 479 - Saturday, February 10, 2018 20:42:03 EDT
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Name:  David A Moudry
Service Branch:  U.S. Navy
Years at Hakata:  1.5
Flight or Trick:  Naval Security Group
Highest Rank at Hakata:  CT3 (Petty Officer Third Class - E4)

With Air Force, Army and Naval personnel assigned to Camp Brady, I found it to be the most unique duty station of any at which I served. I enjoyed working, partying, swimming, watching the motorcycle races at the old airfield, and exploring the islands (both Shikanoshima and Kyushu) with my fellow service members. It was a great opportunity to make new friends and learn their culture, including the language and some of the history of the area - especially Nagasaki. The Japanese people were very gracious and hospitable. Fond memories of the early 60s. The only downside was the Army chow in the dining hall!

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Message Number: 477 - Monday, January 29, 2018 13:54:01 EDT
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Name:  Dan Tognetti
Service Branch:  Navy
Years at Hakata:  2 years
Highest Rank at Hakata:  PO3

Greetings fellow Hakata Station veterans. While doing some recent sole searching of the past I came across your website. Hakata Station was a wonderful duty station. I served there as part of the USNSG Detatchment from 66-68. Looking back it was like the crossroads of my life. There was the good, some sad and throw in a little bad times.

But you couldn't have asked for a better duty station to serve at; with some of the best guys to serve with and know. I miss the place, the people and the time period. If one could have a do over; personally I would do it in a heartbeat.

Message Number: 476 - Saturday, January 20, 2018 16:59:33 EDT
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Name:  Kenneth O Woods
Service Branch:  USAF
Years at Hakata:  2
Flight or Trick:  Abel
Highest Rank at Hakata:  A1C

I stumbled across this website today. I was assigned to the 6918th, arrived around 1 Nov 1970 and was part of the unit when it closed. I recognized a couple of teammates on the "last" basketball intermurals. We were base champions that year ( mostly because of Leroy ) and I have a team picture somewhere. It was nice to find this website. I hope to attend a future reunion.

Message Number: 475 - Saturday, January 13, 2018 14:46:25 EDT
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Name:  Keith A. O’Connor
Service Branch:  USAF
Years at Hakata:  59-62
Flight or Trick:  Baker Flight
Highest Rank at Hakata:  A1C

It was a great tour, loved it there. Had many friends especially: Leroy “Harry” Correa, Richard Leverette, Carl Paddy, Rod Lutz, Charlie Owens, Leonard Belzer, Wilford Norda, Jimmy Dunn, Andy Devine, etc.

Message Number: 474 - Friday, December 29, 2017 22:07:59 EDT
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Name:  Robert De Cesare
Service Branch:  Army
Years at Hakata:  1965 to 1967
Flight or Trick:  Trick 4
Highest Rank at Hakata:  SP4

Loved every minute at Hakata with the14th USASA Field Station!

Message Number: 473 - Thursday, December 21, 2017 19:24:48 EDT
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Name:  Jack C Morton
Service Branch:  USAF
Years at Hakata:  66-68
Flight or Trick:  A Flight
Highest Rank at Hakata:  SGT

I loved Brady (Hakata) Air Base. 10 minutes to beach, Snorkeling and very nice Japanese people. Had lots of friends. My best friend on base was Dennis Libby Frm Massachusetts.

Message Number: 472 - Sunday, December 3, 2017 18:26:03 EDT
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Name:  Phil Hager
Service Branch:  USArmy ASA
Years at Hakata:  1967-68
Flight or Trick:  Rotated
Highest Rank at Hakata:  Spec 4

Great place. Assigned TDY to USAF at the RDF site for about 7 months then went to the 7th, Udorn TDY, for 4 months (May-August) '68, returned Sept. Met lots of great locals, fished with some of them, stayed with others. Really enjoyed Fukuoka. (Always wished I had bought a bunch of Fukuoka University sweaters with the Fuk U on the front.) Wish I had the funding to go back for a couple of months. Would love to see the "Country Club it has become.