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Message Number: 9 - Friday, April 20, 2018 18:03:54 PDT
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Name:  Carla Lee Hudnall
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  descendent

I would like to look at family tree.

Message Number: 8 - Monday, March 12, 2018 18:51:59 PDT
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Name:  louis albert hudnell jr
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  louis albert hudnell sr

iam the grandson of lester lee hudnell. my father was louis albert hudnell sr. he had three brothers and one sister. he was married to anit ruth malcome the had trhee children sherrie lynn hudnell,louis albert hudnell jr. thats me and robert lee hudnell was last one . he remarried and i have a half sister named idella hudenll

Message Number: 7 - Sunday, March 4, 2018 20:48:51 PDT
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Name:  Troy A. Hudnall
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  Faye Hudnall's grandson

I would like to be contacted for further information about my family. My father also noted that there was some information missing , he told me that his father Faye had three sisters only one is listed. Thank You.

Message Number: 6 - Tuesday, February 6, 2018 17:11:50 PDT
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Name:  johanna young
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  great great granddaughter of belle hudnall

related to multiple hudnalls, but the most recent is belle hudnall (wife of hezekiah mcginnis) in warren co. Kentucky
I'm an ancestry addict- so I'm ready to soak up any info on the hudnalls that is available

Message Number: 5 - Friday, February 2, 2018 08:35:30 PDT
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Name:  Hilda P Hagarty
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  My great-great-great grandmother was a Hudnall

I found your site, quite by accident, and hope that maybe I can find some info on my 3rd great grandmother's family, Amanda S. Hudnall. She was born in GA, probably either Pulaski or Laurens Co., GA.

Great site; keep up the good work.

Message Number: 4 - Thursday, January 18, 2018 15:10:34 PDT
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Name:  James P Kinsey
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  Dad's middle name was Hudnall

My Dad's name was Henry Hudnall Kinsey. He was related to some of the Hudnalls. Dad spent much of in younger life in the area of Athens TX and later served in WW1, then worked in Oklahoma for a few years before marrying my mom, Ballie Mae Ledbetter. He lived in Tyler area from late 30s until he died in 1983. He was 91. Thanks for keeping the Hudnall name alive. jpkinsey

Message Number: 3 - Wednesday, January 3, 2018 11:29:24 PDT
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Name:  Debra Hudnall
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  Direct descendent of John and Mary Hhudnall

Any information that you can help me with, I would appreciate.
I'm not going to join because your rootsweb website is messed up.
I've been waiting many months for it to function, but it's still broke.

Message Number: 2 - Sunday, December 3, 2017 06:37:27 PDT
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Name:  Wayne Keen
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  My great grandmother was a Hudnall

I stumbled across a reference to Annie L. Hudnall Keen in findagrave..

Of course, this could be the wrong Hudnall branch, but I am, as they say, mindlessly exploring.

I admire and appreciate your page.

Wayne Keen

Message Number: 1 - Saturday, June 3, 2017 15:02:21 PDT
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Name:  Ron Hudnell
Connection to Hudnall Family?:  10th generation from the original Hudnall in eastern Virginia.

My father was born James Hugh Hudnall. The Army misspelled the last name during WWII. Since his discharge document was his most important paper, he left the last name misspelled. My mother's father's middle name was Hudnell... So I have Hudnall and Hudnell lineage! Great work on this web site, Tom and others!