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Message Number: 3 - Friday, September 15, 2017 13:57:42 EST
Name:  dj tom

As my Friend Jumpy i had time and found it hard to find word...but ill try...i came in every morning when zippy as i called her ran her vintage vinyl and loved her music and presence in room ..and she would call me Space Captain tom as Eddie made me ( My intor song years was Boney M ..nightflight to venus ) and play some Elo Each time i came to Funky chat..on Personal i loved Cape Canaveral Rockets and Space so she as she watched Rocket launch living in florida ..send me pictures in mail of rocket launches :) i now run morning glitter in your absence zippy...i hope i make you proud cause we were close as djs and miss and think of you each day sis...Jumpy Becky Cherri on each morning your time with you on air was a great beginging of a day for anyone...i especially loved your precence in anything you did and see you one day sis in the sky :) one heck of a dj and personality :) always :)


Message Number: 2 - Wednesday, September 6, 2017 09:06:20 EST
Name:  Jumpalene

hi everyone, and thank you for stopping in here. i was meaning to write before now, but found myself at a loss for words.

that is a personal sign to myself of just what, and how much 'our' DJ Zippergirl meant to me. there are a lot of memories for all of us to look back on with a smile and a glowing heart.

for me, there is not enough space in here to list them all, and i am very sure that i remember everything i know! however, during my last contact with 'Zippy' in the HnF chatroom, a friend in chat was sharing a story of her family regenerating their love for one another. the theme that day became 'making memories' ...i like to think back on that moment hoping that you recieved the all love that you gave to all of us!

i miss my friend, i miss that slobbering icon you'd post for me, and i miss starting the day with our friendly voice, our companion unobtrusive!

i miss you Betty, xo, Al.


Message Number: 1 - Tuesday, August 22, 2017 23:31:51 EST
Name:  Bob Fuoco (DJ Funk Daddy)

Susan Clark (Zippy) Was a joy to be around every weekday morning from 8am-12pm she would wake us up with her Vintage Vinyl tracks the very best of the '50s, '60s, '70s & early '80s. Zippy didn't just sit here every morning and play song after song talking every few minutes between sets, she was a true radio personalityl. Having DJ'd Professionally for a few college & local FM radio stations in Natick MA Zippy knew all there was to know about keeping an audience happy and tuned in. Her charm, witt & energy made mornings at Hott N Funky Radio the place to be. I am proud that I was able to call Susan my friend for the short 2 years I knew her and I know Heaven is jumping with DJ Zippergirl on the Heavenly Turntables. I miss you & will always love you Zippy. <3