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Message Number: 100 - Friday, May 11, 2018 14:00:45 EST
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Current City/Borough & State:  MORRIS, CT
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  FATHER WAS THERE EARLY 1900'S
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  YES


Message Number: 99 - Tuesday, February 6, 2018 22:48:14 EST
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Name:  Francis Viglietta
Current City/Borough & State:  Ringwood NJ
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My dad and uncles were in St Agnes 20's 30's. Dad Frank A Viglietta, his brother Joe Viglietta. Dad was on alumni boards 60's and 70's. Friends with Joe Rosen, Harry Dusold, Mike Maltese, John O'Rourke. Harry Dusold got me into radio in 1966 when I was 11. Dedicating my home radio station to him. This site brings a nostalgic but happy tear to my eye.

Message Number: 98 - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 08:50:56 EST
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Name:  Kirby D. Chamberlin
Current City/Borough & State:  11641nw17thpl, Ocala,Fl 34482
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  7/1960to6/1964
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  would love to hug the Nuns that raisedme.

Sister Bernadette; of I am the flute player, the one that leads His people into the temple after the Priests pour the water and wine on the alter during the feast of tabernacles, but can not make a beautiful sound because of facial paralysis (representing church not ready) Half of face represents saved Christians, other side people of hope.Change one alphabet of phrase from h to p, you have Pope. Message "Let my people go". Nuns have scientifically proven that they obtain a higher level of mental clarity than Buddhist monks that have been chanting for 40years trying to attain Enlightenment. I know have tried for years myself, have been in the desert for forty years and have come back. He says the body of Christ must be baptized in the rivers of living water every year during the Feast of Tabernacles, so that the church will be without blemish. The bride must be a virgin.

Message Number: 97 - Saturday, April 1, 2017 12:03:38 EST
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Name:  Larry Lynn
Current City/Borough & State:  Baltimore
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  circa 1949 -1953
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I am reliving my past having been in the Regina Group circa 1949-1953, attending Kindergarten through 4th grades and having received First Communion there and having spent many an Easter around the duck pond on the grass beneath the shade trees while having parental visitation. I plan on visiting there after more than a half century away from there.

Message Number: 96 - Wednesday, August 31, 2016 23:54:50 EST
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Name:  anne marie Mcdermott Kreischer
Current City/Borough & State:  monroe new york
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  John Patrick Mcdermott
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  y

just want any info on my dad..John patrick mcdermott and 2 brothers..Joseph and James. All 3 are deceased. From what i know parents died in a xmas fire and they were sent to st agnes

Message Number: 95 - Tuesday, March 8, 2016 22:02:23 EST
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Name:  James Daiker
Current City/Borough & State:  Egg harbor city NJ
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  Yes

This message goes out to my great aunt Catherine Edward Carragher. I am James Daiker. My grandmother is your sister Marie. I hope this message gets to you!!!

Message Number: 94 - Monday, January 18, 2016 22:50:58 EST
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Name:  louis popolla
Current City/Borough & State:  hawthorne, new york
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  1954-1958
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  yes

remembering ray babcock, gary hansen, william mcginty, juan escobar, pat neville and "mousie"

Message Number: 93 - Monday, November 16, 2015 23:00:38 EST
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Name:  michael carpenter
Current City/Borough & State:  yorktown heights
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  1959-1969
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  nov 16,2015

ive live in st agnes 10 years some good years and some bad years my brothers peter ,donald carpenter always talk about how much we miss st agnes. you know you always take things for granted .we always talked about our trips to yankee &met games ,bearmountain park, one of our favorites is when we camp out cooking frankfuter &mashmello singing around camp fire,on saturdays we would go to movies, we also went swimming a lot. i wounder who remmembers Palasades amusment park now that was a trip to remember. another trip was the 1968 worlds fair what an education i never forget.durning the winter we would go ice skateing on our own lake right next to our church,we went up to the hills and go sleding. and i want thank mr.TOM OBRIEN this man is my family he was a tought man but a fair man you never know how much you miss a place until its gone . the coaches who took care of us i want to say thank you so much pat dagget ,mr john,mr gleason who left in 1960,and we cant forget mr doccody rest in peace my friend will not forget all the singing you taught us.sister peter,sister roseyou taughter me a lot in the kitchen.i hope for all who was in saint agnes that reads this you have a lot to thank st agnes and mr tom obrien, i know my own family could not be able to do this

Message Number: 92 - Saturday, May 16, 2015 10:29:31 EST
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Name:  Bert Sanchez
Current City/Borough & State:  Millbrae Ca.
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  59-70
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  y

Thank you Jose for those comments. You summed up my life there eloquently. I am happy to say that after all these years I have been in contact with some of you. Stories of the St.Agnes and the history that it took to guide, mold and shape our existence come to full circles for what we are. Hopefully everyone out there that lived there at the "House Kids" St.Agnes live, love and laugh because that's how it should be. All you guys that played football with me in 69 and 70 hope you all show up! Thanks for being my team mates and I am giving a shout out to you guys that played the offense and defense! Special thanks to Coach Tom O'Brien for having the courage to allow me to play.

Message Number: 91 - Sunday, January 18, 2015 10:10:29 EST
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Name:  José A. Muñiz
Current City/Borough & State:  Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
Dates at St. Agnes(Sparkill):  1964-1970
Notify of updates? (Y / N):  Y

Since my first post on October 4, 2014, I have met several St. A alumni from the class of 1970: Angel Mojica & Frank Lyles. I have also recently spoken to Bert (Bertram) Sanchez. It was great to speak with him and hear that he has made a good life for himself in California. I will say this of Bert, he overcame much in his life & if there is any amongst us who should be bitter, jaded and have given up, it was him. God knows many of us have traveled through the " valley of death" but for the "Grace of God" there go I. I sincerely hope he can come to the 2015 re-union, it would be a sight for sore eyes to see him in the flesh.