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The First Duty is to Remember

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Message Number: 768 - Wednesday, March 18, 2015 06:46:52 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Mike Gilmore
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Chapel Hill, NC

Remembering 2Lt Maury Hukill - family friend and college roommate.

Message Number: 767 - Sunday, March 15, 2015 17:39:27 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Nathan Ostermann
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Daleville, VA
YOUR UNIT:  USS Portland, LSD 37
DATES IN BEIRUT:  23-Sept-1983 to 12-Dec-1983

Was on 2nd shore party from Portland approx1500 23-Oct. Ashore till 1430 the next day.

Message Number: 766 - Friday, March 13, 2015 14:01:25 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Richard J Bombard
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Lake City Michigan
YOUR UNIT:  small force operations US Navy
DATES IN BEIRUT:  Aug 23-Aug 29 1958

Just found the web sight, my regular membership is in the mail. Thank you.

Message Number: 765 - Monday, February 16, 2015 07:40:42 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Mark Collins
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Lebanon Missouri
DATES IN BEIRUT:  Seems like most of 82

It Seems to me that no one even remembers. All I think about is how we left the root and how I want payback.

Message Number: 764 - Wednesday, February 11, 2015 17:33:18 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  MS3 Jeffrey Tull
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Philadelphia PA
YOUR UNIT:  USS Dwight D Eisenhower
DATES IN BEIRUT:  Deployed January 5, 1982 - July 13 1982

Served onboard USS Dwight D Eisenhower as Carrier Wing Seven provided air cover for the USMC stationed at the Beirut International Airport. Ike's Air Wing engaged militia forces in the hills who thought it was a good idea to rain mortar fire on the Multinational Peacekeeping Forces. Along with IKE, the Marines ashore also had the support of the USS New Jersey (BB 62) who fired her guns in anger in support of the troops ashore.BB 62 and USS DD Eisenhower on station Beirut Lebanon, 1982

Message Number: 763 - Sunday, February 8, 2015 17:04:56 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  David C Stephens
YOUR UNIT:  USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
DATES IN BEIRUT:  11/1982 - 04/1983


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Message Number: 761 - Friday, January 30, 2015 23:25:52 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Bryon A. Hallman
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Zionsville, PA
DATES IN BEIRUT:  May 1976 - April 1979

I was 35 years old when I was assigned to the American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon and the State Department Communications Officer. I had our American communicators working for me in the large embassy; but that was not to last. The danger for life was at a high, but once at work, the top priority was to insure that telegraphic communications correctly sent and received. I personally gave the telegram to Ambassador Meloy that directed him to cross the checkpoint that took his life. The evacuation of over 200 Americans followed within a week. Only seven personal in the Marine Security Guard Detachment (MSG) remained at post, and seven or eight civilian American employees. My four subordinate communicators were evacuated; and I was one of the remaining hard core to keep the embassy open. After September 1976 the MSG force and all Embassy employees lived within the walls of the embassy. When ommercial electricity was in short supply, emergency generators allowed sufficient power to process communications workloads. A well was dug in the basement, but within three days the potable water was overcome by sea water; and for the next eight seven months I had to bath in cold salt water. The commissary was annexed the embassy. Food was no problem, and the cook for the MSG made food for all. It was a sad part of my life seeing the city go to ruins. If anyone reads this note who was there and remembers a short communicator who took money from the Marines by doing 1000 pushups in less than two hours, please email me. bahallman at yahoo

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