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The First Duty is to Remember

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Message Number: 714 - Wednesday, April 16, 2014 11:47:46 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Larry Moore
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Bellevue,Ohio
YOUR UNIT:  2bn/8th Mar H/S
DATES IN BEIRUT:  1982,1983,1984

is there anyone on this web site who was in 2/8 in 82,83,84? id like to know if anyone's out there who may know Larry Salisbury.

Message Number: 713 - Sunday, March 23, 2014 01:13:27 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Russell Rollain
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Palmdale, CA
YOUR UNIT:  American Embassy, Beirut - MSG Bn.
DATES IN BEIRUT:  09/82 - 10/82

Just joined BVA. Will be sending printed app. on tomorrow since I just paid the $150.00 online.

Message Number: 712 - Saturday, March 22, 2014 13:53:37 PDT
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Posted From:United Kingdom
Name:  bruno compassi
YOUR CITY & STATE:  london
YOUR UNIT:  3 eme company, 3rd section , 3 unit from RCP
DATES IN BEIRUT:  1 year service from september 1982 to xsmas 1983
FAMILY MEMBERS UNIT:  1 regiment chasseur parachutiste

Dear brothers , may i call you brothers? i was part of the French RCP who lost 58 parachutiste on the same day you lost over 200 men , i contact you because time never healed , it s a big lie, my best friend was a us marine . If you get back to me thank you , i only discovered yoyur site now , it looks very good !

Message Number: 711 - Saturday, March 22, 2014 11:13:55 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  SK2 Michael Scerba
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Pittsburgh PA
YOUR UNIT:  USS America CV66
DATES IN BEIRUT:  January 1983

My prayers for peace goes to the souls lost, and hope for those wounded and all of the family members.

Message Number: 710 - Thursday, March 13, 2014 15:54:17 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Darryl J. Teets
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Pembroke, NC
YOUR UNIT:  USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2)

Thank you to the true HEROS. Those who, without question, gave all for the security of our nation. I was young and only had been in the military just over a year when I was tought what Honor really ment.

Message Number: 709 - Sunday, March 9, 2014 14:20:08 PDT
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Posted From:United States
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Tavernier, Fl.

Was in Bravo Co. 2nd. plt L/CPL J.B. Summers, at the BLT on the 23 I REMEMBER !!! SEMPER FI.

Message Number: 708 - Sunday, March 2, 2014 10:12:41 PDT
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Message Number: 707 - Sunday, February 2, 2014 10:40:15 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  L. Stephen Keough, LCDR, USNR (Ret)
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Hampton, Va
YOUR UNIT:  USS Raleigh (LPD-1)
DATES IN BEIRUT:  Feb '83 to May '83

I was Food Service Officer on Raleigh. We provided hot breakfast to Marines ashore throughout the entire deployment. Great job to all involved in that evolution. All involved worked their butts off. They bombed the Embassy while we were there. The MARG that relieved us were the Marines in the barracks God bless, Semper Fi, and Rest in Peace Brothers.

L.S. Keough, LCDR, USNR, Ret

Message Number: 706 - Friday, January 31, 2014 05:44:39 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Lester R Berry Sgt. USMC
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Terre Haute IN
YOUR UNIT:  32 MAU Comm Co. USS Coronado
DATES IN BEIRUT:  6/29/76-7/27/76


Message Number: 705 - Friday, January 24, 2014 18:11:33 PDT
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Posted From:United States
Name:  Robert d urban
YOUR CITY & STATE:  Orlando Florida
YOUR UNIT:  2nd combat engineers
DATES IN BEIRUT:  Oct 25 1983 to nov 1983

was on air alert and came back on the Iwo Jima