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Message Number: 79 - Thursday, November 7, 2013 19:43:09 EST
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Name:  Warren G. Richards

Jeff and you others:

Check out this bullshit...

Today I was suspended for twelve hours for violating community standards on facebook.

I wrote to them the following, for why my suspension should be lifted:

I posted my opinion that "Tranny" is not a slur. I did not attack anyone. Review the post yourselves. [Tranny is not a slur, not even if you're a sissy fag or a bull dyke.] If people cannot separate opinions from abusive expressions, THEY are the problem. THEY create censorship issues and monitors/censors themselves create censorship issues when because of their own inability to see the difference.

Please reinstate my active status on facebook or let me know what time your twelve-hour detention is complete.

Monitoring a public-input forum like facebook must not be easy, so have a good one and take care.


Warren G. Richards
Kayenta, Mesa, and Tucson AZ

If you want to copy-and-paste that onto your own facebook scroll and onto my facebook scroll, you have my permission. Ha!

Message Number: 78 - Tuesday, June 7, 2011 22:58:59 EST
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Name:  roger saltamach

hi cuz

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Message Number: 76 - Friday, May 6, 2011 22:01:32 EST
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Name:  Andy

Barack Obama could give that same order but he did and a murderous scumbag is dead. And the world is a bit safer tonight because he did what was necessary.

There are plenty of skeptics out there questioning what happened last Sunday morning half a world away. I am not one of them. Fully aware of the risk that he was taking and having no idea how this would play out, President Obama made sure that the last thing that Bin Liden saw before leaving the planet was a US Navy SEAL, American flag patch on his sleeve, aiming his US made weapon at his head. Justice for the thousands of people that he murdered on September 11, 2001. Justice for my 295 colleagues who died in the North Tower that day. Justice for the United States of America.

I won't be voting for Obama come Election Day 2012 but I would gladly buy him a beer and shoot the @!#%& with him.

So again, thank you Mr President. My President. Barack Obama.

Message Number: 75 - Friday, May 6, 2011 22:00:10 EST
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Name:  Andy

I am not a fan of Barack Obama. I did not vote for him and with limited local exceptions, I did not vote for anyone in his party. I will not be voting for him in November 2012. I can't agree with the way he has been governing our country. There is virtually nothing that we agree upon. This doesn't make him a bad guy and it doesn't make me a bad guy. That's just the way it rolls.
But put this aside for a moment.

Since Sunday evening, May 1st, 2011, I couldn't possibly be more proud of this man, my President, Barack Obama. He screwed on a set of balls that I didn't think he had. I was wrong, they're big brass ones. He went where I never would have dreamed he was capable of going. He gave the order to exterminate a piece of living @!#%& that now burns in hell. Say what you will about President Bush and all his shortcomings, he wouldn't have hesitated for one second to give the mission order that took out Bin Laden. Its the way he's wired. He has balls. But I never would have believed in a million years that Bara

Message Number: 74 - Sunday, November 7, 2010 17:21:05 EST
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Name:  Gary Mathiesen

Wow! Flexitoons.. Shining Time Station.. great memory
restimulation. thanks.

Message Number: 73 - Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:33:29 EST
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Name:  Andy

Again, an interruptipon by the dark forces:
...Jackie ruined a perfectly good pillbox hat with the spewing blood and brain tissue erupting from the former head of her husband, everyone knew the torment that you suffered while trying to calm the fears of your little fans. I never saw this but I know that it was a classic. Maybe it can be recreated with the gang.

Sandy, I am proud to have been a viewer of your show. Norton Nork has impacted my life in ways that maybe even you could not understand. I don't know if I truly understand it myself.

Ich bin ein Sandy Becker fan!

Message Number: 72 - Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:26:36 EST
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Name:  Andy

Continued due to a an interruption caused by the dark forces at work:

stings, not unlike a puppeteer pulling Norton Nork's strings only for evil purposes not good like the Nork man. They took you out just as surely as the sun rises in th east and sets in the west. Just as surely as they took out Joe DiMaggio after he learned the truth behind Marilyn Monroe's death. Cut down in the prime of your life as surely as an assassins bullet blowing the left side off of the man that you saved during combat during the big one, WWII, no other than JFK.
On that matter, to your fellow crew member, JFK, you were both a brother and the ultimate sailor to look up to (please excuse the preposition on the end of this sentence). And who can ever forget your explanation to the children on your show that fateful day, November 22, 1963, a day that will live in infamy, of the rapid and messy removal of brain tissue from JFK's head; it will never be forgotten. While you were able to mask your sadness at seeing that Jackie ruined a

Message Number: 71 - Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:19:21 EST
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Name:  Andy

Jeff, you have again outdone yourself with your Sandy Becker mini appealathon conducted on YouTube. What can I say other than I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. I feel that my life has now taken a different but a more positive course since viewing your appeal. I realize now that I am but scum on the vast pond of life and must do all I can to assist in resurrecting the great work of a great man.

To you Sandy or to those who knew him well, Sandman, we hardly knew you but you made us all proud with the heroics displayed on your PT Boat during the big one, WWII and all that you did since then, at least until your great heart stopped beating and you were placed in the ground to rot, worms slithering through your now long empty eye sockets.
And don't anyone think for a second that we believe that Sandy's death was due to natural causes. Hell no, mamasan. We know that you were done in by the dark forces, the same forces that let us think that we control our own destiny but in reality are pulling all the s