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Message Number: 100 - Tuesday, August 8, 2017 17:48:44 PDT
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Name:  John Rogers
State your Hubbards lived in:  CT, MA, NY
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  George H. 1601-1685

I have written a 12 page paper, register style, "Some Descendants of Samuel Hubbard and Mary Stow of Hampshire County Massachusetts, and Washington County, New York".
If you would want it posted here, let me know>

Message Number: 99 - Saturday, April 1, 2017 16:58:03 PDT
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Name:  Joy Hubbard
State your Hubbards lived in:  Death wayne county Ohio, born Loudon Virgina
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  Henry K Hubbard
Suggestions:  Wife Alice Taylor of West Virgina

Place of Birth: Loudon County, Virginia

Date of Birth: July 5, 1800

Spouse: Alice M. TAYLOR

Marriage: February 1, 1830, Ohio County, WV [formerly VA]

Henry's Occupation: Cooper [barrel maker]

Date of Death: April 8, 1877

Place of Death: Village of Jackson, Wayne County, Ohio (Note: the Village of Jackson was also known as "Old Hickory")

From: 1878 Record of Deaths, Probate Court, in and for Wayne Co., Ohio, Volume 1, page 90:

"Hubbard, Henry K., age-76, Male, Color-White, Condition-Married, Occupation-Cooper, Disease-Lung Disease, Date of Death-April 8, 1877, Place of Death-Old Hickory, Place of Birth-Virginia, Last Place of Residence-Old Hickory"

Message Number: 98 - Saturday, January 7, 2017 21:05:04 PDT
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Name:  Amanda Hubbard Whitlow
State your Hubbards lived in:  Arkansas
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  Lyman (1836)

I am stuck on Lyman Hubbard b. 1836 in mudsprings, NY

I have no idea where mud springs is, nor find a record that seems to work.

There is a Lyman that could be him who lives with an uncle Lyman (1799) and wife Eliza(1819) in Homer, Cortland County NY in the 1855 NY Census.

There is a L H (age12) that lives with a Lyman(1799) and Lucinda in the 1855 Census.

I know Lyman goes on to m.Charlotte Burdock has Lyman Hubbard (1863) and is buried in Colorado. I have confirmed these lines as my lines has maintained contact with extended family in Colorado areas.

Message Number: 97 - Saturday, January 23, 2016 20:19:56 PDT
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Name:  Amanda Hubbard Whitlow
State your Hubbards lived in:  Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, NY
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  Lyman Lutellus Hubbard

I'm new to family research, but after loosing my dad and going through family photos & records, I realized we know little about my grandfathers family since his dad died when he was two years old. gives me suggestions past Lyman Lutellus Hubbard (1836-1908) but doesn't find any records for me to know I'm on the right track.

It appears the Hubbards in my ancestry were in New York when my great-great-great grandfather was born. Lyman Lutellus married Charlotte Burdick (they moved to Utah, Nevada, and lastly Colorado ) had a second Lyman Lutellus who married Alice Ann Lines who begot my great grandfather Glen who died shortly after my grandfather was born. His only son Jack married my grandmother Madelyn Mulligan of Jersey City. They moved to Arkansas. suggests that the lineage beyond that is another Lyman Hubbard, a John Hubbard, then Jonathan Hubbard and Mary Keep, then Samuel Hubbard and Hannah Bliss. Could someone point me to where to look to verify this?

Message Number: 96 - Monday, December 7, 2015 20:01:35 PDT
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Name:  ngentot memek

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Message Number: 94 - Thursday, August 20, 2015 12:07:33 PDT
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Name:  Steven Etter
State your Hubbards lived in:  Iowa

Am looking to find siblings was adopted by the Etter's in and around 1973 or 1974 all that I know about it was that I was adopted in Fort Dodge IA that I have an older brother and sister I believe that my brother was disabled in some way and that my sister had married a military man am hoping to find some information about them and see if there is any health issues in the family

Message Number: 93 - Saturday, April 11, 2015 19:52:47 PDT
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Name:  Julie (Hubbard) Everett
State your Hubbards lived in:  Massachusetts
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  my grandfather was Clifton Hubbard married to Olive

Hi Mary-Margaret,
what a great project you have tackled.

Message Number: 92 - Thursday, March 5, 2015 13:02:07 PDT
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Name:  John Taylor
State your Hubbards lived in:  Connecticut
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  Fairchild Hubbard

Fairchild Hubbard married Phoebe Ward in Jan, 1797. In September, Phoebe was a widow with one child when she married Thomas Ault, an Englishman, and my ancestor.

Message Number: 91 - Sunday, November 30, 2014 15:36:17 PDT
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Name:  Laurie Waller
State your Hubbards lived in:  CT,MA
Name of earliest H. you have so far:  Julia Hubbard, Howe
Suggestions:  Wife of Edward A Howe

Julia Hubbard daughter of Joab and Elmira Whiting married in South Windsor, Ct moved to Chicopee Falls MA where Julia my GG Grandmother was born. Joab was a Jr but there are several Joab's in the "Hartford" area so having difficulty finding exact info. Would love more info if anyone is familiar with this line. Many thanks in advance.