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Message Number: 3 - Friday, September 15, 2017 13:47:28 EST
Posted From: Denmark  
Name:  dj tom -

I meet Eddie Dj Rebel Ryder some Years ago when Lacey ...Dj firecracker came to my pool league roomsand got me interested in this radiostation ..Eddie from my requests as lisener think i should go dj on that station...Under his Training and Wings i Became Dj tom ..tom from my pool id many yrs tomingers :) Eddie always gave me thurMs up on shows and such and supported me in sitauations where noone really understood radio owners or anything lol he Would mostly come to me after a show and tell me what he tought...and i remember going to tough times not being dj for whatever reason...Eddie would have my back and ask me to be patient and wait and yeah Eddie got me to Join Hottnfunkyradio from the previous radio station we were on...only took him 6 montsh to get me on funky but he never gave up lol...i been on funky since and saw My bro eddie become Proud radiowoner to before he way to early left us for that big in the sky...miss you bro and when things get spoky in my sams or i have any problems with any tech issue i hear your voice...tom you know this and i work around it from what you told me :) see you on day in the sky bro :) always :)


Message Number: 2 - Wednesday, September 6, 2017 13:39:39 EST
Posted From: Canada  
Name:  Lacey (DJ FireCracker)me -

Eddie was an awesome Dj and fantastic friend... But even better he was like my brother.. he was always there when you needed him .. we fought like cats and dogs but that was the way we were and i wouldn't have changed it for the world. Love & Miss ya my friend.. I think about you all the time.. Keep rock'in in Heaven.. Feels good to be back home and i feel ya right here with me and given me a hard time... Cheers Big Brother <3


Message Number: 1 - Wednesday, August 23, 2017 00:35:32 EST
Posted From: United States  
Name:  Bob Fuoco (DJ Funk Daddy) -

Eddie (DJ Rebel Ryder) wasn't only a DJ/Co Owner here at the station, he was my best friend. It's true we would go at eachother from time to time but it was kind of like The Skipper & Gilligan. Eddie would mess up and I would smack hin on the head with my imaginary cap and that was it. Eddie was "My Little Buddy" I remember how we would share music videos from Youtube and we would be in awe of the talent in some of the little kids on there. Still today when I see an interesting video on Youtube I find myself reaching for the phone or messaging eddie to share it with my little buddy. Eddie was taken from us way too soon and it is still very hard to believe he is gone. Love ya Bro, I know you're keepin them Rockin' up in Heaven.